Archive Services for Document Owners

Donations and deposits of documents are welcomed. We are happy to survey documents on request and to offer advice without obligation. If you are an owner of documents and would like further details of the facilities that we can offer please see:

Facilities offered to Owners of Documents||

Terms of Deposit||

(Please Note: Some of the following documents are provided in PDF format. Acrobat Reader software is required in order to read them. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded here||.)

PDF Document Information Leaflet : In Safe Keeping 2010 (42 KB) : explaining how our Preservation and Conservation Policy affects use of documents by the public.

PDF Document Collections Development Policy and Strategy 2013 (56 KB)

PDF Document Appraisal and Disposal Policy 2015 (391 KB)

PDF Document Information Leaflet : Caring for Your Family Papers (67 KB) provides guidance on preserving personal and family archives yourself.

PDF Document Information Leaflet : Caring for Your Organisation's Papers (68 KB)

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