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Copying Services at Stoke Archives

1.  Placing an order

We can provide copies as either photocopies or scans.  Download and complete the relevant form:

PDF Document  SoTCA - Order - Copies - Jun 2018 (249kb)

PDF Document  SoTCA - Order - Copies from Newspaper Film - Jun 2018 (281kb)

You must sign the Copyright Declaration on the order form before we will make the copies for you.  Copies are supplied for your own personal study only and you must ask permission if you wish to publish them.  Search fees will be charged at our standard rate in quarter hour blocks if we have to find the documents or pages which you want to be copied.

The completed form can then be returned to Stoke on Trent City Archives by post or as a scanned image attached to an email.

2.  Charges and Payments

All relevant current fees and charges are displayed on order forms.

Please do not make payment until we notify you of the final cost of your order.

Policies and Restrictions

Our Service Standard

Our standard is to notify you of the completion and cost of your copies/microform prints within 6 working days of the receipt of your order.

Full details of all of our service standards can be found in our information leaflet "The Archive Service and You", available for download on our Information Leaflets page.

Restrictions on copying original documents

We only supply copies of documents subject to the restrictions laid down in PDF DocumentLeaflet 03 : In Safe Keeping|| (71kb) (this document explains how our Preservation and Conservation Policy effects public use of archives).

Documents which cannot be copied include:

  • case-bound volumes;
  • multi-membrane parchment documents;
  • maps and other documents exceeding 60cm by 90cm (24" by 36") in size;
  • documents which have undergone extensive conservation work;
  • fragile documents.

If any of these restrictions apply then you option for obtaining images would be to use photography.  For further information about all of your options for scanning abnd photography please download our PDF DocumentLeaflet 08 : Photography and Scanning|| (74kb). 

Photography of documents

You can photograph documents yourself in our Reading Room if you buy a photography permit from us, subject to any special access restrictions that you are looking at might be subject to.  Please note that the purchase of a permit does not imply that any permission to publish ordistribute the images you take has been granted by the Archive Service.  Permission to photograph is for your own personal study only.

The use of flash photography, photographic lighting and tripods is not permitted in our reading rooms. This is to avoid disruption to the work of other readers and to allow free movement for people using the reading rooms. If you wish to use such photographic equipment, separate arrangements must be made with the reading room staff.  However, we do provide a table-top camera stand.

If you do not have a suitable camera or cannot visit us or you wish to have images at a higher resolution than the standard scanning service described above provides, then use the Photography order form below to request us to carry out the work for you.

PDF Document SoTCA - Order - Photography and Scanning - Jun 2018 (308kb)


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