Disclosure and Barring Service

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy

Word Document Staffordshire County Council's DBS retention policy (874 KB) includes information for secure storage, handling, use, retention and disposal of DBS disclosure information.

Further information about the DBS can be found on the Home office website.

Umbrella Body Service

The Shared Service Centre operates an Umbrella Body Service along side its Registered Body Service (covering our employees).  As Staffordshire County Council is a Local Authority it cannot make a profit, therefore offering a competitively priced service to a high standard.

A DBS check costs £44 plus an administration fee of £9.50 plus VAT.  

Staffordshire County Council's Umbrella Body Service offers an Identification Verification Service as part of the process for completing the DBS application for small businesses.

If you are interested in using our Umbrella Body Service please email disclosure@staffordshire.gov.uk; you will be asked the nature of your business and the reasons why you require a DBS disclosure to ensure you are eligible.


We process all disclosures using an ‘E-Bulk’ online checking system that helps prevent employment delays, eliminates disclosure application data errors and reduces administration.

If you are required to complete a Disclosure Application Form as part of your job application you will be notified accordingly.  The following guidance notes will assist you through the online process:

Word Document DBS Applicant Guide March 2014 (1 MB)
PDF Document Disclosure Eligibility Guidance (29 KB)

Disclosing Convictions

Unlock, the national charity that provides information and advice services for people with convictions, has published a detailed guide all about the DBS checking process for people who have a criminal record.

The guide is called ‘Unlocking Criminal Record Checks’ and is available from
Unlock’s website. It contains information that will help those with convictions understand how the process works and how it impacts on them.

If you want to discuss your criminal record you can get in touch with Unlock via email enquiries@unlock.org.uk or call 01634 247 350

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