Children and Family Services

I want to...


Report a concern about a child

If you think a child's safety is at risk, then it is important to report it.

Find out about adoption or fostering

Discover how you can adopt or foster a child.

Get help for children with disabilities

Find information on what is available.

Know about special educational needs and the 'Local Offer'

See what's available.

Find out about children in care

Find out about services for children that don't live with a family for whatever reason.

Use the education welfare service

Learn about attendance, children missing education, child employment and exclusions.

Get a chaperone licence

Find out about chaperones and how to apply for a licence.

Find out about local support teams

Get information on services available from the team in your area.

Get information on how my data is held

Know about the data held about you by us and about your rights.
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