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Co-ordinated support

A local support team is a team of experienced children's service professionals from a variety of services who work with children, young people and families living within a particular geographical area.

You may have worked with a member of a local support team in the past.

Their work is focused on meeting additional targeted, non-social work needs, predominantly level 3.

You can find a list of teams and contact details on the get in touch page.

How do I get help from my local support team?

Please see the getting access to support page.

How can I work with my local support team?

For those children and young people that need additional help it is vital that you work together with your local support team to provide a clear package of support.

What is the common assessment framework?

It is not a referral process but a way of working that will help you and your local support team assess the needs of the child, formulate a clear plan of support and jointly implement and monitor support.

What do they do?

A local support team will:

  • Ensure that the needs of children and families are met as early as possible and prevented from getting worse.
  • Be a single, local point of contact for accessing targeted support services.
  • Provide a co-ordinated response to meeting the needs of your pupils.
  • Work with children and families in 4 main ways:

    • Consultation and advice
    • Individual case work
    • Group and family work
    • Whole school work.

Contact us

Contact numbers for the teams:

Staffordshire Moorlands District

  • Biddulph and Leek 01782 297812

Newcastle Borough

  • Kidsgrove, Madeley and Chesterton 01782 485044

South Staffordshire District

  • North and South 01902 506160

Stafford Borough

  • Stafford - North and South 01785 854080

East Staffordshire Borough

  • Uttoxeter, Stapenhill and Paget 01283 239617

Tamworth Borough

  • Wilnecote and Glascote 01827 782004

Lichfield District

  • Burntwood and Lichfield 01543 334797

Cannock District

  • Rugeley, Cannock East and Cannock West 01543 512318

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