Help to live at home

We have a range of support services to help people with a disability and older people to continue living independently in their own home.

Home care services

Home care services provide support to people in their own home who would otherwise be at risk of harm, including assistance with washing, dressing, preparation of meals, help with getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, together with other practical tasks.

All agencies that provide this care are registered with the Care Quality Commission. A list of agencies is on their website.

Meals on wheels

Meals on wheels and lunch clubs may be provided for people who can no longer manage to cook for themselves.  There are two types of home delivery service:

  • A hot meal served at lunchtime to your home, ready to eat. Delivery is between 11am and 2pm.
  • Frozen meals delivered every two weeks which you can simply defrost and cook whenever you want to eat them. 

Further information is available for meals on wheels.

Safety at home

We offer a range of equipment and sensors to help vulnerable, disabled or older people to be more independent and give them peace of mind. This service can also reassure friends and relatives that they are alright or that help is on the way if there is a problem. This technology may support more traditional services such as home care.

Equipment and adaptations

Equipment and adaptations to the home are available to help improve you quality of life. An assessment will need to be completed before equipment can be requested.

Information on how to apply for equipment is available.

Are you eligible for help at home?

Our eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • The individual or their carer may be finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the activities of daily living and they are likely to be at significant risk of harm or loss of independence.
  • Where people do not meet the eligibility threshold, we will still be able to give you advice where we can and signpost you to other suitable sources of help and support.

Requesting help on behalf of someone else

If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else you will need their permission.  You'll also need to know their date of birth, full address and whether they have savings in excess of £23,500. If they do have savings in excess of this amount they will still be eligible for an assessment, but they will not be entitled to financial assistance. 

How to request help at home

Please contact us then we can arrange an assessment.

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