Dignity in Care


We want a care system where there is a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of, and disrespect towards, people who use care services. 

We hope this will give dignity in care the attention it deserves and also inspire people to take action. 

What is the Dignity Challenge?

The Dignity Challenge is a clear statement of what people can expect from a service that respects dignity.

It is backed up by statements that can be used by providers, commissioners and people who use our services to see how they are performing. 

High quality care services that respect people's dignity should:

  • Not tolerate any form of abuse.
  • Support people with the same respect you would want for yourself or one of your family.
  • Treat each person as an individual by offering a personalised service.
  • Enable people to have the maximum possible level of independence, choice and control.
  • Listen and support people to express their needs and wants.
  • Respect people's right to privacy.
  • Ensure people feel able to complain without fear of retribution.
  • Engage with family members and carers as care partners.
  • Assist people to maintain confidence and positive self esteem.
  • Act to relieve people's loneliness and isolation.

Who are we challenging?

  • Service providers to ensure their services respect dignity.
  • Commissioners to commission only services that respect dignity.
  • The public to test how local services measure up and tackle rather than tolerate services that don't respect dignity.

What are the Dignity in Care Awards?

We have our own awards for provider services.

We will reward the individual, team or organisation that best demonstrates commitment, competence and best practice around the ten challenges listed above.

How do I nominate?

Nominations are open for the latest Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards.

For further information please email: dignity@staffordshire.gov.uk

See the celebration page for the 2016 Staffordshire Dignity in Care Awards.

How can I become a Dignity Champion?

Sign up as a dignity champion and see how you can make a difference to the way local services are delivered.

Sign up online on the Champions Network site or phone 020 7972 4007.

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