Local Account

We have produced a local account for adult social care services for 2015-16.

What is adult social care?

Adult social care is support that may be needed by anyone over 18. This may be because of their age, disability, health or a personal situation. 

What is the local account? 

We provide a wide range of adult social care services. You, your family, or your friends may already use some of these services. It’s important for you to see how we are managing them.

This report explains how we work with a range of organisations to offer the right services. It shows the adult social care activity delivered during 2015-16 and what we plan to do in the future.

In order to produce this summary of activity in adult social care we have: 

  • Talked to the people that commission services.
  • Talked to our partners who deliver or arrange services on our behalf.
  • Looked at people who use the services.
  • Listened to carers who have told us about their experiences.

  • PDF Document Local Account 2015-16 (918 KB) 

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