Equipment and Technology

There is a wide range of equipment, home adaptations and technology available to help you maintain your independence.

To get started, consider what sort of equipment you might need. This could include:

Please note: some of the links on this page take you to external websites. Staffordshire County Council will not take any responsibility for the content or equipment that the websites provide.

Demonstration videos

Take a look at these videos of everyday items that might help make things easier

How do I know I'm buying the right thing?

Before you buy or loan any equipment it’s worth getting independent advice. This will make sure the type of equipment you’re getting meets your needs. These web sites are very helpful:

  • AskSara is an easy to use way to get personalised product advice. You can use this to look into ways you can help yourself with daily activities in your own home.

Where can I buy or loan equipment and aids?

Use Staffordshire Connects

There is a wide range of gadgets and equipment available to purchase from the high street or through homeware catalogues and online retailers.

You can find details of these retailers using Staffordshire Connects. Just put in the word 'equipment' and then add your postcode or the area that you live in.

Ask Sara

To get some useful advice and find products that make daily living easier, go to Ask Sara.

Where can I get telecare, sensors or alarms?

Telecare consists of equipment and services that support your safety and independence in your own home.

The equipment can sense risks, remind you to take pills and even call for help if you fall.  A help centre can be contacted automatically if any of these problems occur and can arrange for someone to come to your home or can contact your family, doctor or emergency services.

Here are the details of some telecare providers across Staffordshire and how to sign up for the service:

Details about other providers can be found on Staffordshire Connects.

Where can I test equipment out? 

Many high street retailers that sell equipment and gadgets will be able to give lots of advice about the products they have and show you how the equipment works.

What equipment can I get provided for me?  

If you are eligible for care and support some equipment may be provided / loaned to you, and others may  be charged for. Information about charges can be found under funding the cost of care.

Please note: Staffordshire County Council is reviewing the future maintenance, repair and removal of fixed equipment, this will be discussed by the Council’s Senior Management Team and members in June 2017 after the local and national elections.

Whilst this is taking place the current arrangements for your fixed equipment maintenance will continue as before. Please see the frequently asked questions page for further information.

How do I return equipment that I loaned?

Medequip is a provider of community equipment working on behalf of Staffordshire County Council.

For advice on how and where to return equipment loaned from Medequip that you no longer need, get in touch with them via:

Phone: 01785 273950

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