Sexual health

Looking after your sexual health is a vital part of taking care of your physical and mental health.

Taking care of your sexual health includes:

  • Planning for and using contraception
  • Understanding changes to your body
  • Learning how to avoid sexually transmitted infections
  • Knowing where to go if you want help and advice

Where can I get advice?

Here is a map of sexual health centres where you can get advice about and receive a variety of different types of contraception.

You can also get tested for sexually transmitted infections and receive treatments. Staffordshire Sexual Health Clinics Map

What days and times are the services open? 

Newcastle and Staffordshire Moorlands - information and opening times.

Tamworth, Lichfield, East Staffordshire, Stafford, Cannock and South Staffordshire - information and opening times.

Where else can I get contraception? 

A range of contraception is also available from local GPs. Many GPs also fit long acting reversible contraception such as coils and implants.

Where can I get free emergency contraception?

Most community pharmacies can provide free emergency contraception, including but not limited to:

Where else can I get further information? 

You can find answers to some other frequently asked questions about sexual health from Staffordshire Connects.

You can also find other local organisations and groups that can offer you confidential help and support.   

Health and wellbeing planner

Use this planner to make some positive changes to your lifestyle and find the advice and support you need.


Support for young people

As well as being able to access all of the support mentioned above, if you are a young person and you are just looking for some information, take a look at these sites:



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