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NHS health check

What is a NHS Health Check?

 It is a quick check undertaken to see if you have any signs of heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes and to establish the risk of you developing heart disease in the future.

 Who is it for?

 In Staffordshire we are prioritising NHS Health Checks for people who live in the Everyone Health Staffordshire areas aged between 50 - 74.

This is because people in these areas are more at risk of developing cardiovascular disease than the majority of Staffordshire. In fact, almost twice as many people under 75 in the Everyone Health Staffordshire areas die from cardiovascular disease than the rest of Staffordshire.

 If you already have a diagnosis for heart disease or seeing your doctor for a related condition you won’t be able to have a NHS Health Check. Also if you have had a NHS Health check in the last 5 years you are not able to have one.

 How do I get one?

 If you live in one of the Everyone Health Staffordshire areas and are aged between 50 – 74 you maybe be invited for a check.

Alternatively you may see drop in sessions in your local area advertising the checks or visit Everyone Health Staffordshire / Tel 0333 005 0095

 If you live outside of the Everyone Health Staffordshire areas and would like to know your risk you can visit the NHS Heart Age Tool which uses the same questions as the check to find out how healthy your heart is.

If after doing this you are concerned about your score or your risk is over 20% (click on the about your calculation on your heart age score to get this number) then you should also contact Everyone Health Staffordshire / Tel 0333 005 0095

Additional information

Please also see the Healthy lifestyle page for further information about how to improve your health and wellbeing.




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