Adult social care consultation

People in Staffordshire are living longer but not always healthier lives. As a result more and more people need NHS and social care services. 

The aim is to promote health and independence and to provide good quality services in the future. The NHS and social care services had to be 'joined up'.

Working together also helps to make sure care remains affordable.

We agreed on social care for older people and people with physical disabilities. This would come from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS Partnership Trust. 

We used a formal process to transfer the services to the trust. This is a Section 75 agreement.

New Section 75 agreement

  • The Partnership Trust will continue to provide assessment and case management, reablement and occupational therapy services for older people and people with physical disabilities

  • Responsibility for buying long-term care packages and managing the budget for long-term care returned to us.

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