Respite care / carer breaks

Everyone deserves time out. You may care for a relative or are in need of care yourself. Taking a break from your usual routine can do the world of good.

What is a respite break?

This means taking a break from caring. What sort of break, and for how long, is up to you. You may feel you need to have short regular breaks to:

  • enjoy a hobby
  • get some exercise
  • take care of your own needs
  • catch up on some sleep

Alternatively, you may need a longer break or holiday.

What does respite care mean?

  • Someone else looking after your friend or relative in their home
  • The person who is ill spending time in residential care, a nursing home, or a hospice.

How do I get one?

Carer's assessments

If you’re spending a lot of time caring for someone on a regular basis, you have the right to a carer’s assessment. This covers your own needs, including your need for a break and time to yourself.

We can carry out the assessment of your needs as a carer with the assessment of the person you are caring for. Both of you can then get the support you need.

Further information about this can be found the adult carers page.

Carer's personal budget

If you as a carer are eligible for support, you may also be eligible for a carer's personal budget.

This is money to help you in your caring role. You could use this to pay towards a break, holiday or support to help improve your health and wellbeing.

Emergency respite care

Respite care may also be available in an emergency, subject to assessment.

Can I arrange my own respite care?

Sometimes family and friends can help share your caring responsibilities. If you don’t have a personal support network, you could arrange for respite care direct using:

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