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Home care

If you need help around the home, a good option is to have a care worker come in to your home to help you. This is known as home care.

What is home care?

A careworker can help with your personal care in your own home.

You may need help because you:

  • Have a disability
  • Are frail or elderly

 Personal care might include: 

  • Getting in and out of bed

  • Washing

  • Dressing

Who is eligible?

People may be eligible for support from the Council to find and fund home care if they have a high level of needs and if not supported would face a significant impact on their well-being.

Most people who are eligible will have to make a contribution to the cost of their care and some people will have to pay the full cost..

Most people are eligible they can either ask the Council to arrange their care or take a Direct Payment and arrange it themselves.

Home care arranged by the Council

We will use one of our contracted providers if possible although we may need to use an interim provider for a short period if our contracted providers do not have capacity.

All of our providers are experienced and registered with the Care Quality Commission.

People will not be offered a choice of provider.

It may not be possible to give people their preference of call times.

Where can I get home care?

You can:

How do I find a home care agency?

You can:

What is a personal assistant?

personal assistant acts as a home care worker for you.

They can offer you all that you’ll get from an agency worker. You’ll also get the continuity, familiarity and ongoing relationship with your assistant.

How do I find one?

Information on how to employ a personal assistant is in our direct payments section.

Being an employer

If you employ a personal assistant, you will have the legal responsibility of an employer. This will include arranging cover for their illness and holidays.

Changes to home care arranged by us

Some people choose for us to arrange and pay for their care at home. We do this through a number of contracts with care providers.

We are legally required to renew these contracts every few years. This is to make sure we have quality, cost effective care across the county.

When will the changes start?

On 1 October 2017 new contracts with new care providers started. The care you receive will not change straight away.

What if I am affected?

We have written to people who will be affected by this change.

If we have written to you, your new care provider will get in touch to introduce themselves. They will make arrangements for your future care before any changes are made.

All of our new providers are experienced and registered with the Care Quality Commission. Many of them are companies who already work in Staffordshire.

What if I want to stay with my current provider?

We can only arrange care with companies we have a contract with.

If you would prefer to keep your current provider, you could consider using a direct payment. This is where we give you a budget to spend on arranging care for yourself instead of making the arrangements on your behalf.

What is home care regulation?

Check if the Care Quality Commission have registered and inspected a particular provider.

They regulate all home care providers. They publish inspection reports on their website. When considering a service it’s always a good idea to check its report.

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