Love food hate waste

Every year the average family throws away a quarter of a tonne of food. Use the online tool below to enter the last item you threw away, and access practical solutions and tips to avoid wasting it next time.


For more ideas on cutting food waste at home and maintaining a healthy diet, these information packs will provide you with some great ideas.

Food facts

Get to know more about food expiry dates and how to shop efficiently, to keep costs down, reduce waste and have a balanced diet.

         PDF DocumentFood facts (1.33 MB) 

You can print the above document in high resolution PDF DocumentFood facts - high resolution (2.90 MB)

Recipe books

For inspirational ideas using leftovers, check out this recipe book:

          PDF Document Recipe book (884 KB) 

Fun foody facts

This kids activity based pack provides a fun introduction to food nutrition, seasonal products and how to minimise food waste.

           PDF Document Fun foody facts activity book (2.60 MB)

You can print the above document in high resolution PDF DocumentFun foody facts - high resolution )8.18 MB)

PDF DocumentFun foody facts certificate (565 KB)

PDF DocumentAnswer sheet (66KB) No peaking!

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