Furniture Reuse Network

Furniture Reuse Network

Who are they and what do they do?

Sales show room for donated furnitureThe Staffordshire Furniture Reuse Network are a group of community run 'not-for-profit' or charity organisations that specialise in selling hugely discounted second hand furniture to the most in need, mainly low income families, or people setting up home for the first time.

What is bulky waste?

Bulky waste (unwanted household items which are too inconvenient to go in your wheelie bin) is a type of waste which deserves everyone's attention.

In today's throw-away society, where we change our furnishings and electrical appliances with ever-increasing frequency, there is an urgent need to find ways to tackle the mountains of unwanted but re-usable items. The majority of bulky waste items tend to be furniture and electrical goods.

How can I donate my furniture?

External link to the Furniture Reuse Network website||To arrange for a free collection of unwanted, reusable furniture please locate and contact your nearest centre on the Furniture Reuse Network|| website.

Top tips from the furniture reuse network

  • Reusable furniture only - we undertake cleaning and minor repairs
  • Furniture will need to be inspected before we agree to collect
  • Soft furnishings such as suites, easy chairs and beds must carry a flame retardant label.
  • From time to time, our collectors may not be able to accept your items. This is usually because the item may require too much repair work or does not meet current legislation regarding soft furnishings. If this is the case, they will explain the reasons why.
  • If we believe the furniture is not suitable for resale, you will be expected to make your own arrangements for disposal through the Household Waste Recycling Centres or bulky waste collection services offered through your council.
  • When you donate items you will be helping somebody who is living on very low wages or emergency support.

If you have any general enquiries about the council run Household Waste Recycling Centres or bulky waste collections, please contact them directly. The council contact details can be found on the Staffordshire Waste Partnership website.

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