Applications Register

Our on-line Applications Register provides records dating back to 1995 of:

1. Minerals and waste planning applications;
2. Staffordshire County Council's applications for its own developments
3. Planning consultations received by Staffordshire County Council.

The records are updated at the end of each working day.

How to find an application record

There are two ways to find a planning application record and to comment on a current planning application:

1. Applications Register - Search: enter the application number and click 'Submit' to find a record. (Instructions below)

2. Map - Search: to find applications in your area. (Instructions below)

How to search the Applications Register

There are four ways to search the Applications Register:

Application number

Search by the application number (or part thereof). To target the on-line records for a particular mineral or waste site. Find an application and use the last part of the reference number.
For example: 721 MW returns all on-line records relating to the Poplars Landfill Site, near Cannock.

Application category

Search by the category of application, for example: 

  • Minerals county matter
  • Waste county matter
  • County development
  • County development waste

Received date

Search by the date received - between specified dates.

Last 7 days

List the applications and consultations received in the previous 7 days. Revise the dates and click 'Submit' to widen your search.

How to comment on a current application

There are three steps to commenting on a current application:

1. Open the Applications Register
2. Search for the application record using the application reference number
3. Click on the Comment button to open the comment form. 

Commenting on an application - frequently asked questions

The application 'status' explained

How to search our Maps

Our on-line Geographic Information System (GIS) allows you to search our maps to locate planning applications determined by us and other planning information.

There are four steps to finding an application in your area using our Map Search:

1. Enter your address details to zoom to your area e.g. Post Code - 'select closest match'

2. Select 'In The Area' tab then select 'Planning Apps post 2005' to view a list of applications near you.

3. Select the name to open the Applications Register or the 'Locate' down arrow to zoom in on the map to the application.

4. Select the 'i' information button and click on the application area to bring up 'Map information'.  This will provide a link to the Applications Register record.

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