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Pre-application Advice

As we explain in our pdf document Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) - Revised February 2014 (Adobe pdf) (1.1 MB):

  • we encourage developers to come and talk to officers before making an application. The value of the process is clearly stated in paragraph 188 of the National Planning Policy Framework and in National Planning Practice Guidance.

  • we also encourage applicants and landowners to discuss their proposals with the local community before submitting planning applications. Section 122 of the Localism Act 2011 will introduce a requirement to carry out such consultations and to take account of the responses received.

  • early consultation should also be undertaken with our own in-house specialists, external consultees such as the Environment Agency and Natural England, Local Parish/Town Councils, local residents and any existing site liaison committee.

  • applicants who do decide to undertake pre-application community consultation before submitting an application should contact us to discuss the methods to be used and any resulting planning application should include details of this process, the results of the consultation exercises and any changes made to the proposals as a result of this process.

Note: Pre-application consultation does not change the way we consult the public and other organisations when we receive a planning application.

Pre-application information

We will require sufficient information to respond to your request for pre-application advice about minerals or waste development proposals. The more information you can provide the more comprehensive our advice can be. 

We will need to know about Who; What; Where; When and How.  For example:

  • Who –the name and contact details of the developer and / or the agent;

  • What –the general nature of the development; the intended use of land or buildings; the type of mineral / waste operations; the type and quantities of minerals or waste; the type of buildings; the steps to be taken when preparing your planning application e.g. background surveys (traffic, noise, ecology and trees) and consultations with consultees and the local community;
  • Where –the location of the site (a location plan); a site layout plan to show the access and where the main activities would be / are being carried out / where buildings would be / have been erected etc;
  • When – when would the development be carried out and how long would it continue (permanent or temporary); or, when did the development you are seeking to regularise commence;
  • How – how would the development be carried out during the site preparation and construction phase and during the operational phase; the operating hours; the traffic movements; the potential emissions from the site and methods to manage those emissions (if applicable) e.g. noise, dust, water, odours etc.

Minerals and Waste Development Pre-Application Advice Services and Charges

Our minerals and waste pre-application advice services and charges are explained in pdf documentMinerals and Waste Development - Pre-application Advice Services and Charges - with effect from 1 April 2018 (Adobe pdf) (321 KB)

Please send your request for minerals or waste development pre-application advice, indicating which service you require, to planning@staffordshire.gov.uk

A cheque made payable to 'Staffordshire County Council' or a payment by debit/credit card made by telephone to 01785 895321 should be paid when submitting your request for pre-application advice, or when requesting further detailed pre-application advice.

Note: we will not provide pre-application advice or further detailed pre-application advice until the correct payment has been made.

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