The proposals

Please note: The consultation is now closed and we thank everyone who has taken part. The responses to the consultation will be considered and incorporated into the final proposals which will be available in the next few months. These pages are being left available for information only

The county council's  proposals suggest an alternative way of looking after the rights of way network in Staffordshire. We are proposing:

  • A hierarchy system -  which sets the standard for the activities and county council response to reports on all rights of way.

    Each route is categorised as  either A, B or C depending on what the county council’s initial research has indicated.  Proactive maintenance will be primarily focused on A paths and issues will be addressed on these routes ahead of those categorised as B or C.  We will continue to maintain category C paths when resources allow, and in an emergency situation. We need people to provide us with any evidence/local insight that might change how a right of way is categorised as part of the consultation.

    Interactive map - how rights of way have been provisionally categorised
    Please note that the interactive map works best on ipads when viewed in landscape mode.

  • A new web-based system - to keep people better informed of progress if they have reported an issue or asked for help regarding a right of way.

  • Enhancing our volunteer programme  - to encourage more members of the community to help maintain local routes.   We want to know what people’s priorities for these volunteer programmes are through the consultation.

  • That local councils (parish and town councils) consider taking on  some of the liaison with landowners  - about their statutory responsibilities. This is because the vast majority of calls received by the county council are about problems on private land which are the statutory responsibility of the landowner, and local councils are in a better position to know what is most important to local people.   This wil allow the small, in-house county council  team to concentrate on its statutory responsibilities.

We feel that through these proposals:

  • we can ensure that issues or defects are dealt with in a consistent manner.
  • people can shape what  the priorities for maintenance and volunteering are, get more involved themselves and take pride in where they live.

  • we can focus on ensuring that taxpayers’ money is spent in the most effective way.

  • we will keep people more informed of progress if they have made a request for help or information.

  • we will help everyone understand what is possible and feel empowered to take control of minor problems if the county council cannot respond quickly.

Understanding the categorisation

How we have  provisionally categorised paths in your area

Search our interactive map - how each right of way has been provisionally categorised.

What routes classed as A, B and C would look like

What each A, B or C path would look like (387kb)

PDF DocumentWhat each A, B or C path would look like (597kb)

Word DocumentWhat each A, B or C path would look like (387kb)


How we have categorised each right of way- the method

Supporting the rights of way network

Find out more about how you can help to maintain rights of way near you.

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