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Emma Beaman, Countryside Manager

Rights of Way

The Rights of Way Team are responsible for maintaining access along Staffordshire’s public path network (over 4,400 kilometres). In its simplest terms, we ensure that paths are inspected and maintained and that appropriate action is taken against landowners who obstruct the network.

If you would like to report a problem with a public pathway please use our online reporting system or email us on

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are no longer taking phone calls. Please use the above methods to contact us or, if it’s an emergency, contact the call centre on 0300 111 8000 and they will pass a message on to us. 

County Ranger Service 

Rangers have a role in improving the countryside of the county by providing information, including details of grant aid available for countryside improvement. The rangers are supported by two small works unit teams, (one in the north and one in the south) who maintain the country parks and access land and improve the Rights of Way Network.

County Ranger Service - North
Tel: 01782 302030  

County Ranger Service - South
Tel: 01543 871773 

Environmental Advice Team

Our Environmental Advice Team is responsible for the promotion, management and conservation of the natural and historic environment in Staffordshire, including ecology, landscape, archaeology and historic buildings.

(Environmental Health issues such as pest control, pollution, noise problems, litter and dumped rubbish are managed by your local borough or district council. Further information can be found at:

Sarah Bentley, Environmental Advice Manager
Tel: 01785 276047

Cultural / Historic Environment  

Responsible for the promotion, management and conservation of the historic environment in Staffordshire (including its archaeology, historic buildings and historic landscapes) as well as for the management and development of the Historic Environment Record. 

Shane Kelleher, County Archaeologist 
Tel: 01785 276580

Suzy Blake, Historic Environment Record Officer
Tel: 01785 277281

Natural Environment

Responsible for conserving, maintaining and enhancing the natural environment (including landscape and nature and wildlife conservation).

Ali Glaisher (Principal Ecologist) 
Tel: 01785 277254

Sue Sheppard (Biodiversity Officer) 
Tel: 01785 277256

Julia Banbury (Principal Landscape Officer) 
Tel: 01785 277261  

Rural Development

The Rural Development Team works with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to create diverse, thriving and sustainable rural communities and to assist our rural areas in contributing towards Staffordshire’s economic growth.

Nicola Swinnerton (Rural Development Manager)
Tel: 01785 276633

Ruth Cragg (Rural Development Officer)
Tel: 01785 277358

Hilary Foxley (Rural Development Officer)
Tel: 01785 895524 

Noreen Davidson (Rural County Development Officer )
Tel: 01785 277876

Sue Glen (Admin Assistant)
Tel: 01785 277284

Our address:
Rural County
Staffordshire Place 1
Wedgwood Building
ST16 2DH

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