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Time frame for proposals

Indicative time scales for the proposals

The below information sets out indicative time scales for the proposals, taking into account the need for discussions with stakeholders and communities, formal consultation and approval processes, funding application windows and the seasonal nature of the work.

Ongoing management

  • Cutting and baling heather (in appropriate season): 2019 onwards.
  • Controlled burning (in appropriate season): 2019 onwards.
  • Bracken spraying (in appropriate season): 2019 onwards.
  • Tree and scrub management (in appropriate season): 2019 onwards.

Reintroduction of conservation grazing

Pilot scheme at Moors Gorse

  • Implement pilot grazing scheme at Moors Gorse: Late 2019 to late 2020.
  • Evaluation of pilot: Late 2020 to late 2021.
  • Potential continuation of grazing at Moors Gorse: 2021 onwards.

Potential grazing at Brindley Heath

  • Develop grazing scheme for Brindley Heath in consultation with stakeholders: Mid 2020 to early 2022.
  • Formal consultation and approval process for Brindley scheme: Mid 2021 to mid 2022.
  • Potential implementation of grazing scheme on Brindley Heath: 2023 onwards.

Potential grazing scheme for the body of the country park

  • Develop grazing scheme for body of Chase in consultation with stakeholders: Mid 2022 to mid 2023.
  • Formal consultation and approval process for body of Chase scheme: Mid 2023 to mid 2024.
  • Potential implementation of grazing scheme on body of Chase: 2025 onwards.


  • Monitoring of impacts of management: 2019 onwards.

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