Individual Educational Plans (IEPs)

What is it?

This is a planning, teaching and reviewing document. Everyone can use it when supporting a child with additional needs. 

It uses a simple format. The information it contains must be clear and understandable to all concerned. It should have: 

  • The targets set for your child. There will usually be 3 or 4 short-term targets. These would address specific areas of difficulty. They might be with literacy, maths, communication, behaviour or social skills.
  • The help the school will provide. This will be extra or different help from the rest of the class.
  • Who will provide the help. This may be support from a teaching assistant. It could also be advice from specialist teachers, therapists or other health professionals.
  • When and how often your child will receive this help. This could be in the classroom or outside depending on your child's needs.
  • How and when your child's progress will be measured. 

The plan may also contain suggestions of how you can help your child at home. 

How do we get one?

The school may arrange an initial meeting with you when they set up a plan. Your child may also be involved in setting the targets.

You will get a copy of the plan. You should check that you understand the targets and the support your child will get.

What support is there?

Staffordshire SEND Family Partnership can help you. They can help make your views known and attend the meeting with you if you wish.

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