Behaviour Support

What does the Behaviour Support team do? 

We are part of the Special Educational Needs Support Service (SENSS). We work with schools, pupils, parent/carers, statutory and voluntary agencies as appropriate. 

Our aim is for all pupils to get a high quality, inclusive education. This should be in an appropriate mainstream school whenever possible. 

We help schools develop effective approaches to support and manage pupils with behavioural difficulties. The team aims to empower schools, pupils and parents to: 

  • Promote the inclusion of children in mainstream education where appropriate
  • Raise the achievement of all pupils
  • Enable schools to manage pupils with emotional, behavioural and social issues
  • Promote good practice

Where are you based?

Staffordshire has 4 district offices: 

  • Newcastle and Staffordshire Moorlands districts
  • Lichfield and Cannock districts
  • Stafford and South Staffordshire districts
  • Burton and Tamworth districts

Each of the 4 districts has a primary and secondary behaviour support service. They work with the schools in their district. 

  • The Primary Teams work with schools and pupils through key stages 1 and 2. Each district team is led by a coordinator. Communication support workers support them who carry out work with pupils in schools.
  • The Secondary Team supports schools and pupils in key stages 3 and 4. It consists of four behaviour support coordinators, one in each district.

What support do you offer? 

The team is available to all schools should they wish to discuss any behavioural issues. This is whether it concerns: 

  • Whole school policy and practice
  • Behaviour management
  • Individuals or groups of children 

We look at each individual request and work with the school to find the most effective way forward. This might include: 

  • Consultancy
  • Observation of pupils
  • Observation of classroom practices
  • Planning and reviewing of personalised support plans
  • School-based training
  • Teacher support
  • Pupil support
  • Whole school support
  • Multi-agency working
  • Local authority in-service training 

Who do I contact? 

The Behaviour Support Team is a school support service. Your child's school must request any support. 

If your child has behavioural difficulties in school, discuss this with their school.

If difficulties continue, the school may then contact the Behaviour Support Coordinator for advice.

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