Admission to Primary and Middle Schools

If your child's 5th birthday is between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019 then you will need to apply for a place at First, Infant or Primary School.

If your child will be in year 4 at a First School in September 2017 then you will need to apply for a place at Middle School.

Choosing a school

Our online search and compare tool will help you to find information about your nearest schools, including performance information, teacher/pupil ratios and much more.  

Important points to consider.....

  • You are strongly advised to make more than one preference.  You will not gain an advantage by only listing one and failure to do so could have repercussions in terms of the final school place allocated. 
  • Do not list the same school 3 times.
  • Be realistic about the schools you apply for. We recommend you include your catchment area school (where applicable) as one of your preferences. Otherwise you will not be considered for a place there which may result in a school place offer some distance from your home address.
  • We consider all applications at the same time.  Priority is not given to those who put the school as a first preference, or on a 'first come first served' basis.  The late application policy will apply to those applications made after 15 January 2018.
  • Consider how your child will get to school.  Very few children are entitled to free or discounted home-to-school travel assistance.
  • Wherever possible, we will aim to offer a place at the most preferred school. Last year 93% of Staffordshire children received an offer of their first preference and 98% got one of their top 3.
  • Areas where it was most difficult to agree 1st preferences for Staffordshire parents in September 2017 were Burton-on-Trent, Lichfield, Newcastle and South Staffordshire.
  • Understand the admissions arrangements for each of your preferred schools. This will enable you to assess what order of priority will be given for each school.
  • If you are applying for an Academy, Trust or Voluntary Aided school you may need to provide extra information or submit a supplementary form.
  • It is your responsibility to provide any supportive information e. g. baptismal certificate or medical evidence. The Local Authority will not seek to get this information on your behalf even if you refer to it in your application.

When can I apply?

The application window has now closed.

You can make a late application by completing the relevant paper form. You can then either:

School Admissions and Transport Service Staffordshire County Council 2 Staffordshire Place Stafford  ST16 2DH

Note: you must make an application.  There is no automatic entry into reception. 

Paper application forms sent by post will not receive an acknowledgement of receipt

Late applications for Staffordshire's Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools will be considered alongside those applications received on time wherever possible.  Where it is not practicable, then late applications will be considered only after those that were made on time.  If you are making a late application for a catholic, aided, foundation, academy or out of county school, it will be for the relevant school/academy or local authority to decide if your application will be considered alongside on time applications.

What if I have a problem when I apply?

Call us on 0300 111 8007 and select the option for 'School Admissions and Transport' or email so we can help you.

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