Admission to Primary and Middle Schools

September 2018 Admission - information on how to apply for a first/infant/junior/primary/middle school place for a September 2018 start will appear here early August.

Over 93.25% of parents in Staffordshire have been allocated a place at their 1st preference school with at least 98% being offered a place at one of their top 3 preferences.

For overall and district based 1st preference statistics, please see the PDF DocumentStatistics for 2017 (131KB). 

When will I receive my offer of a Primary or Middle School Place?

If you made your application online then you will receive your offer by email on 18 April 2017.  Due to the volume of emails sent, we cannot confirm a time when you should have received your email by (experience has shown that most emails are received by 1pm).  The email is official written confirmation of the outcome of your application. 

If you applied using a paper form you will receive a letter in the post. These will be posted on 18 April 2017.  As we operate a second class postal system it may take a few days for your letter to reach you.

If you have not received official notification by 21 April 2017, you should telephone 0300 111 8007.

How were the Primary and Middle School places allocated for September 2017?

School places were allocated using the published admission arrangements for each school.  View the admissions criteria for all Staffordshire schools - please remember that the local authority is only responsible for community and voluntary controlled schools oversubscription criteria.

If you have not been successful in securing a place at your preferred school then it is because there were more applications made than places available.  Places have been allocated in accordance with the admissions criteria for the school concerned and pupils who had a higher priority for a place have been allocated the available places.

If you would like to know how school places in Staffordshire were allocated at oversubscribed schools the information is available in the PDF DocumentSummary of September 2017 Admissions to Primary Schools (4.91KB) and PDF DocumentSummary of September 2017 Admissions to Middle Schools. Please note that this information is accurate as at 10 April 2017 and is subject to change.

Which schools still have available places?

Please refer to the PDF DocumentSummary of available primary places (263 KB) and the PDF Document Summary of available middle school places (204 KB) . This information is correct as at the time of publication and is subject to change.

If you wish to make a late application for any of the available places, if you are a Staffordshire resident, please complete the paper application form or email your school preferences along with your child's name, date of birth, and home address to  If you are a non Staffordshire resident, any late applications must be submitted through the local authority where you currently reside.  Staffordshire will respond to the application within 10 school days of receipt.

If the Staffordshire school you wish to make a preference for is oversubscribed then you will be added to the waiting list and will be entitled to a right of appeal.

I am satisfied with the school that I have been offered. What do I need to do?

You do not need to do anything to accept the school place offered.  The school will contact you to confirm starting arrangements at a later date.

I have not been offered a place at my preferred school.

Will my child be placed on a waiting list?

All children who have been refused a place at a Staffordshire school will be automatically added to the waiting list. The waiting lists will be maintained until at least 31 December 2017. Where a school is affected by infant class size legislation, the waiting list may be retained until the end of Year 2.

Waiting lists for all Staffordshire schools are ranked using the admissions criteria for the school. Your child's position on a waiting list at a Staffordshire school can be obtained by emailing or telephoning 0300 111 8007.

It is important to note that a child's position on any waiting list is not fixed and is subject to change.

Guidance on waiting lists for schools that are not located within Staffordshire should be sought by contacting the relevant local authority.  Contact numbers for other local authorities can be found below.

Can I appeal?

If you have not been offered a place at one or more of your preferred schools then you have a statutory right of appeal. For Staffordshire schools please refer to our appeal page for guidance on how to appeal, including the relevant appeal forms. 

Please note that current legislation means that, other than in limited exceptions, infant classes may not contain more than 30 children with a single qualified teacher. To view the oversubscribed schools affecting by the infant class size legislation, please see the relevant column on the PDF DocumentSummary of September 2017 Admissions to Primary Schools (4.91 KB)

If you have not been successful in obtaining a place at a school that is located outside of Staffordshire and would like to appeal then please contact or visit the website for the relevant local authority. 

Is my child entitled to free home to school transport?

Children attending their catchment school or closest school where the home address is over 2 miles from the school will normally be entitled to free home to school transport.  If your child has been assessed as being entitled to free home to school  travel assistance you will receive a letter through the post shortly.  The Local Authority will determine which type of transport assistance will be offered and reserves the right to change the type and timing of transport provided.

Other Authorities

Guidance on waiting lists for schools that are not located within Staffordshire should be sought by contacting the relevant local authority.

330 – Birmingham - 0121 303 1888

895 – Cheshire East - 0300 123 5012

830 – Derbyshire – 01629 537479

332 – Dudley - 01384 814223

855 – Leicestershire - 0116 305 6684

893 – Shropshire - 0345 678 9008

333 – Sandwell - 0121 569 6765

861 – Stoke - 01782 234598

894 – Telford & Wrekin - 01952 380901/3/4

335 – Walsall - 01922 652585

937 – Warwickshire – 01926 414143

336 – Wolverhampton - 01902 554176

885 – Worcestershire - 01905 822700


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