Allocation of places

How are places allocated?

We do not operate a first preference first or first come first served policy. This complies with the law across the country. Every school listed in your application is assessed against the individual school’s published admission arrangements and if you can be offered a place at more than one preferred school, a place will be allocated at your highest preferred school.

You should name at least three different schools to increase your chances of getting a school place that is acceptable to you.

If a place cannot be offered at any of your preferred schools, a place will be allocated at a school where places are still available.

Please see the summary for allocations at oversubscribed primary and middle schools in 2017 and 2016.  There were no oversibscribed middle schools in 2016:

What if I am changing my address? 

If you have applied for a community or voluntary controlled school, you must give us evidence of your new home address. This could be a solicitor’s letter confirming a completion date. 

This needs to be by 16 March 2018, for this to be taken into consideration when deciding on the offer of a school place. Otherwise decisions will be made based on the address supplied by your child’s primary school.

We may undertake checks or home visits without prior notice to verify a child’s home address.

Please note that an ‘intention to move’ will not be used when allocating places.

For academy, foundation, voluntary aided and neighbouring authority schools the decision on what address is to be used for school place allocation purposes will be that of the relevant admissions authority. 

What is the relevance of a Published Admission Number?

Each school has a Published Admission Number (PAN). This is the maximum number of pupils that the school can admit taking into account the accommodation and resources available. You can find a school’s Published Admissions Number on the admissions criteria page.

What is the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme?

This is the way we coordinate admissions with:

The scheme ensures that each pupil living within Staffordshire receives only one offer of a school place. This could be at a school within the county or one maintained by a neighbouring authority. 

How is the distance to school calculated?

For the vast majority of schools in Staffordshire the distance between home and school is calculated using a straight line measurement between the home address and the main school gate.

The co-ordinates of the home address will be a point within your property boundary as determined by LLPG & OS address point data.

The details of the main school gate are those recorded on the LA database. The same gate is used for all applicants to the school.

What is Infant Class Size Legislation?

Government legislation requires Local Authorities to ensure that an infant class does not have more than 30 pupils if there is only one fully qualified teacher available for that class.

Infant classes are Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

There is no guarantee of a place at your catchment area school or your preferred school where this legislation applies. 

Are places ever withdrawn? 

During the admissions process for 2017 we held several investigations as a result of allegations that parents had provided incorrect home address details, or provided false information to gain admission to their preferred school.

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