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Allocation of places

How are places allocated?

Please view the PDF Document  Summary of September 2018 admissions to reception, year 3 and year 5 and for information on how places have been allocated at oversubscribed schools.

Staffordshire County Council does not operate a first preference first or first come first served policy - this is mandatory across the country. This means that every school listed in your application will be considered separately and fairly against the individual school’s published admission arrangements.

If you could be offered a place at more than one preferred school, a place will be allocated at your highest preferred school.  If a place cannot be offered at any of your preferred schools, a place will be allocated at a school where places are still available. You can make at least three preferences.

It is strongly recommended that you name three different schools to increase your chances of securing a school that is acceptable to you.

Where can I find details of how places have been allocated previously?

Information is available in the PDF Document Summary of September 2017 admissions to primary schools (401KB) PDF Document Summary of September 2017 admissions to middle schools (202 KB)

How can I find out the catchment school for a certain address?

We have a search facility to enable you to check the catchment areas for various addresses.  Your nearest school may not be your catchment area school.  Please note there is no guaranteed admission to your catchment area school, allocations will be dependent on the availability of spaces in the relevant year group. Catchment areas are also subject to review and may alter from year to year.

You may request a copy of individual school catchment areas by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on 0300 111 8007 or admissions@staffordshire.gov.uk

What is the relevance of a published admission number?

Each school has a published admission number (PAN), which is the maximum number of pupils that the school can admit taking into account the accommodation and resources available. Each school’s PAN can be found within the admissions arrangements or in the Information to Parents Booklet 2018.

What is infant class size legislation?

There is government legislation that requires local authorities to ensure that no infant class will contain more than 30 pupils if there is only one fully qualified teacher available for that class. Infant classes are reception, year 1 and year 2.

What is the 'Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme'?

The scheme indicates the way in which we co-ordinate our admission arrangements with other neighbouring authorities and schools that are their own admissions authority. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that each pupil living within Staffordshire receives only one offer of a school place, whether that be at a school within the county or one maintained by a neighbouring authority.

Will I need to provide proof of my home address?

Your child’s name and address will be printed on the letter sent to you. If you find that this information is incorrect then you will need to provide satisfactory proof with your application of your correct address. We may undertake checks or home visits without prior notice to verify a child’s home address. If a school is offered on the basis of an address that is subsequently found to be different from a child’s normal and permanent home address, then that place is likely to be withdrawn.

What if I am moving home? 

If you have applied for a community or voluntary controlled school, you needed to provide satisfactory evidence of a new home address (e.g. a solicitor’s letter confirming a completion date) by 15 March 2019, in order for this to have been taken into consideration when deciding on the offer of a school place. Otherwise decisions have been made based on the address supplied by your child’s primary school. Please note that an ‘intention to move’ is not be used when allocating places.

Withdrawal of school places

During the admissions process for 2018, several investigations were held.  As a result, the county council withdrew places due to parents either not providing the correct home address or giving deliberately false information in order to gain admission to their preferred school.

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