Admission to school

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Applying for schools

Information on how and when you can apply for a school.

Secondary school admission

Information on Secondary and High School application.

Primary and Middle school admission

Information on Primary and Middle School application.

Nursery admission

Information on nursery school application.

Paper application forms

View application form documentation.

Admissions criteria

Guidance for applying to schools during the school year.


Mid-year admissions

Guidance for applying to schools during the school year.


School search

Search for schools in your area.

Information booklets

Guidance documentation on school admission.

Types of schools

See the definitions of the various school types.

Admission appeals

How to appeal against a school place decision.

Contact details

View our schools admission contact information.

Sign up for alerts

Sign up for school admissions alerts via email. The alerts system includes school admissions, school closures and more.  

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