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Admission Arrangements 2017-18 for own admission schools

The determined Admission Arrangements for 2017-18 for Voluntary Aided, Catholic, Foundation and Trust School and Academies within Staffordshire are shown below. 

Please note: If the arrangements for a particular school are not listed, this is because the school has not sent us a copy.  Please contact the school or view the school website to get a copy of the arrangements for 2017-18.

First, Infant, Junior and Primary

Determined First, Infant, Junior and Primary School Arrangements
DfE Number  School Name Date of Last Consultation 
3427  PDF Document All Saints CE (VA) Primary, Bednall (314KB) 2011/12
3443  PDF Document All Saint's CE (VA) First, Leek (218KB) 2015/16
2001  PDF Document Anglesey Primary Academy (124KB) 2011/12
2337  PDF Document Ankermoor Primary (897KB) N/A
3488  PDF Document Anson CE (VA) Primary (243KB) 2011/12
2351  PDF Document Barnfields Primary (897KB) N/A
3442  PDF Document Beresford Memorial CE (VA) Primary (253 KB) 2011/12
3431 Bishop Rawle CE (A) Primary (Please contact the school or view their website) 2011/12
3146  PDF Document Bishop Lonsdale CE (VC) Primary (897 KB) N/A
3479  PDF Document Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Primary (160 KB) 2015/16
2242  PDF Document Bursley Academy (100KB) 2012/13
2220  PDF Document Castle Primary (239KB) N/A
2230  PDF Document Chadsmead Primary Academy (565 KB) 2014/15
2358  PDF Document Chesterton Primary (897KB) N/A
3433  PDF Document Church Eaton Endowed (VA) Primary (127 KB) 2014/15
2005  PDF Document Churchfields Primary (256KB) 2013/14
3045  PDF Document Colwich CE (VC) Primary (221KB) N/A
5202  PDF Document Corbett CE (VA) Primary (215KB) 2011/12
2247  PDF Document Crackley Bank Primary (897KB) N/A
3436  PDF Document Dilhorne Endowed CE (A) Primary (433 KB) 2011/12
2331  PDF Document Dosthill Primary (244KB) 2012/13
2218  PDF Document Dove Bank Primary (235KB) N/A
2392  PDF Document Ellison Primary (897KB) N/A
2145  PDF Document Eton Park Junior (244 KB) 2012/13
2204 Featherstone Academy (Please contact the Academy or view the school website) N/A
2016  PDF Document Five Spires Academy (261 KB) N/A
2299  PDF Document Flax Hill Junior (277KB)   2012/13
2373  PDF Document Glascote Academy (410 KB) 2014/15
3153  PDF Document Gnosall St. Lawrence CE Primary Academy (271KB) 2015/16
2003 Greenacres Landau Forte Academy (Please contact the Academy or view the school website) 2012/13
2276   PDF Document Greysbrooke Primary (278KB) N/A
3151 Haughton St. Giles CE Primary Academy (Please contact the school or view their website) 2015/16
3106  PDF Document Havergal Primary (198KB) N/A
2179  PDF Document Hazel Slade Primary (256KB) 2011/12
2335 Heathfields Infant (Please contact the school or view their website) 2014/15
2181  PDF Document Heath Hayes Academy (327KB) 2012/13
2252   PDF Document Hempstalls Primary (479KB) 2012/13 
5202   PDF Document Hollinsclough Church of England Academy (343KB) 2012/13 
3422   PDF Document Holy Rosary Catholic Primary (379KB) 2014/15 
2125   PDF Document Horninglow Primary (224KB) 2011/12 
3432  PDF Document Hutchinson Memorial CE (VA) First (269 KB) 2012/13
3438   PDF Document Ilam CE (A) Primary (125KB) 2011/12 
2422   PDF Document John of Rolleston Primary (241KB) 2011/12 
2402  PDF Document John Wheeldon Primary Academy (320KB) N/A
2144  PDF Document Kingfisher Academy (508KB) N/A
3491  PDF Document Knutton St. Mary's C of E Academy (897KB) N/A
2163  PDF Document Knypersley First School (130 KB) 2011/12
3499  PDF Document Langdale Primary (430KB) N/A
2128  PDF Document Lansdowne Infants (315KB) 2011/12
2298  PDF Document Lark Hall Infants (279KB) 2011/12
3498  PDF Document Leasowes Primary (897KB) N/A
2277  PDF Document Little Aston Primary (276KB) N/A
2239 Longwood Primary (Please contact the school or view their website) 2013/14
3155 Manifold CofE Academy (Please contact the school or view their website) N/A
2198  PDF Document Manor Primary (423KB) 2012/13
2164  PDF Document Moor First (287KB) 2012/13
2012  PDF Document Moorgate Primary Academy (320KB)  N/A
2424  PDF Document Moorhill Primary (271 KB) 2012/13
3486  PDF Document Needwood CE (A) Primary (150KB) 2012/13
2009  PDF Document Norton Canes Primary Academy (405KB) 2012/13
3477  PDF Document Our Lady of Grace Academy (662KB) 2011/2
3476  PDF Document Our Lady & St. Werburgh Catholic Primary (184KB) 2011/12
3501  PDF Document Outwoods Primary (435KB) 2012/13
2325  PDF Document Oxhey First (262 KB) 2012/13
2401  PDF Document Parkside Primary School (897 KB) N/A
2387  PDF Document Perton Primary Academy (897 KB) N/A
2421  PDF Document Pye Green Academy (327KB) 2014/15
2185  PDF Document Redhill Primary (186KB) 2012/13
2405 Rowley Park Academy (Please contact the school or view their website) N/A
2002  PDF Document Scientia Academy (199 KB) 2012/13
2234  PDF Document Scotch Orchard Primary (897KB) N/A
3496  PDF Document Seabridge Primary (589KB) 2012/13
2018 Silkmore Primary Academy (Please contact the school or view their website)  
2258  PDF Document Silverdale Primary Academy (368KB) 2012/13
2008  PDF Document Springhill Academy (391 KB) 2012/13
2166  PDF Document Squirrel Hayes Primary (242KB) 2012/13
3148  PDF Document St. Andrew's CE (VC) Primary (221KB) N/A
3480  PDF Document St. Anne's Catholic Primary, Stafford (407KB) 2015/16
3468  PDF Document St. Austin's Catholic Primary (239KB) 2011/12
5203  PDF Document St. Benedict Biscop CE (A) Primary (372 KB) 2014/15
3481  PDF Document St. Bernadette's Catholic Primary (392KB) 2015/16
3483  PDF Document St. Christopher's Catholic Primary (543KB) 2011/12
3470  PDF Document St. Dominic's Catholic Primary (413KB) 2015/16
3478  PDF Document St. Elizabeth's Catholic Primary (408KB) 2015/16
3457  PDF Document St. Filumena's Catholic Primary (440KB) 2012/13
3482  PDF Document St. Gabriel's Catholic Primary (420KB) 2012/13
3459  PDF Document St. Giles' Catholic Primary (116KB) 2012/13
3092  PDF Document St. Giles' & St. George's Church of England Academy (305 KB) 2014/15
3145  PDF Document St. John's Primary Academy (313KB) N/A
3460  PDF Document St. John's Catholic Primary, Great Haywood (378KB) 2011/12
3147  PDF Document St. John's CE (VC) Primary, Stafford (897 KB) N/A
3462  PDF Document St. John the Evangelist Catholic Academy (503KB) 2015/16
3461  PDF Document St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Hednesford (272KB) 2015/16
3464  PDF Document St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Lichfield (415KB) 2015/16
3467  PDF Document St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Rugeley (129KB) 2011/12
3458  PDF Document St. Joseph & St. Theresa Catholic Primary (492KB) 2011/12
3474  PDF Document St. Joseph's Catholic Primary, Uttoxeter (103KB) 2012/13
3490  PDF Document St. Leonard's CE (VA) Primary, Ipstones (189KB) 2011/12
3450  PDF Document St. Leonard's CE (VA) Primary, Wigginton (308KB) 2011/12
3455  PDF Document St. Mary's Catholic Primary, Brewood (237KB) 2015/16
3456  PDF Document St. Mary's Catholic Primary, Cannock (280KB) 2015/16
3463  PDF Document St. Mary's Catholic Primary, Leek (250KB) 2012/13
3465  PDF Document St. Mary's Catholic Primary, Newcastle (647KB) 2011/12
3449  PDF Document St. Mary's CE (VA) First, Uttoxeter (262KB) 2011/12
3446  PDF Document St. Mary's CE (VA) Primary, Mucklestone (250KB) 2011/12
3447  PDF Document St. Michael's CE (VA) First, Penkridge (300 KB) 2011/12
3420  PDF Document St. Modwen's Catholic Primary (521KB) 2012/13
3469 St. Patrick's Catholic Primary (Please contact the school or view their website) 2011/12
3484  PDF Document SS Peter & Paul Catholic Primary (242KB) 2011/12
3426  PDF Document St. Peter's CE (A) First, Alton (265KB) 2011/12
3430  PDF Document St. Peter's CE (VA Primary, Caverswall (170 KB) 2011/12
3154  PDF Document St. Peter's CE (VC) Primary, Hixon (221KB) N/A
3114  PDF Document St. Peter's CE (VC) Primary, Stonall (897KB) N/A
3489  PDF Document St. Thomas' CE (VA) Primary, Kidsgrove (359KB) 2013/14
3485  PDF Document St. Thomas More Catholic Primary (455KB) 2013/14
3441  PDF Document St. Werburgh's CE (VA) Primary (226KB) 2011/12
3466  PDF Document St. Wulstan's Catholic Primary (274KB) 2011/12
2374 Stoneydelph Primary (Please contact the school or view their website) 2012/13
2241  PDF Document Sun Academy (747KB) 2015/16
3300   PDF Document The Faber Catholic Primary (243KB) 2013/14
2200  PDF Document The Howard Primary (237KB) N/A
2152  PDF Document The Mosley Academy (144KB) 2012/13
3440  PDF Document The Richard Crosse CE Primary (242KB) 2013/14
2000  PDF Document The Richard Heathcote Community Primary (574KB) 2014/15
3434  PDF Document The St. Mary's CE Primary, Colton (242KB) 2011/12
2160  PDF Document Thomas Russell Infants (897KB) N/A
3502  PDF Document Three Peaks Primary Academy (408KB) 2014/15
2004  PDF Document University Primary Academy Kidsgrove (601KB) 2012/13
2264 Valley Primary (Please contact the school or view their website) N/A
2006  PDF Document Veritas Academy (488KB) N/A
2141  PDF Document Violet Way Academy (332KB) 2012/13
2273  PDF Document Western Springs Primary (190KB) 2011/12
2263  PDF Document Westlands Primary (263KB) 2014/15
2296  PDF Document William Shrewsbury Primary (227KB) 2012/13
2334 Wilnecote Junior (Please contact the school or view their website) 2012/13
2158  PDF Document Wood Lane Primary (667 KB) 2011/12
3150 Woodseaves C of E Academy (Please contact the school or view their webiste) N/A



Determined Middle School Arrangements
 DfE NumberSchool Name  Date of Last Consultation
4612  PDF Document Christ Church Academy (220KB) 2011/12
4160  PDF Document Churnet View Middle (97KB) N/A
4133  PDF Document Codsall Middle (897KB) N/A
4144 James Bateman Junior High (Please contact the Academy or view their website) N/A
4613  PDF Document St. Edward's Church of England Academy (461KB) 2011/12
4154  PDF Document Woodhouse Academy (300KB) 2014/15



Determined Secondary School Arrangements
DfE Number School Name Date of Last Consultation 
4112  PDF Document Alleyne's Academy (224KB)                           2013/14
4143  PDF Document Biddulph High School (725 KB) 2011/12
4710   PDF Document Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic College (453KB) 2011/12
4607  PDF Document Blessed William Howard Catholic High (229KB) 2011/12
4067  PDF Document Blythe Bridge High School (221 KB) 2011/12
5401  PDF Document Cannock Chase High School (266KB) 2012/13 
5403   PDF Document Cardinal Griffin Catholic College (81KB) 2011/12
4093  PDF Document Chesterton Community Sports College (303KB) N/A
4094   PDF Document Clayton Academy (360KB) 2012/13 
5404   PDF Document Erasmus Darwin Academy (174KB) 2012/13 
4061 John Taylor high School (Please contact the Academy or view their website) N/A
4070   PDF Document Kingsmead (371KB) 2011/12 
4009 Kinver High School & Sixth Form (Please contact the Academy or view their website) N/A
6905   PDF Document Landau Forte Academy, Amington (212Kb) 2011/12 
4004  PDF Document Landau Forte Academy, QEMS (163KB) 2011/12
4085   PDF Document Leek High (90Kb) N/A
4090  PDF Document Madeley High School (218KB) 2013/14
4096   PDF Document Newcastle Academy (360KB) 2012/13 
4010  PDF Document Ounsdale High School (392KB) N/A
4610  PDF Document Painsley Catholic College (341KB) 2012/13
4180  PDF Document Sir Graham Balfour School (897 KB) N/A
4060  PDF Document Sir Thomas Boughey High (261KB) 2011/12
5402  PDF Document Stafford Manor High (155KB) 2011/12
4713  PDF Document St John Fisher Catholic College (154KB) 2015/16
4005  PDF Document Staffordshire University Academy (320KB) 2015/16
4006  PDF Document Tamworth Enterprise College (109KB) 2011/12
4153 The Cheadle Academy (Please contact the school or view their website) N/A
4176  PDF Document The de Ferrers Academy (397 KB) 2015/16
N/K  PDF Document The Hart School (210 KB) N/A
4012 The Kings CE (A) School (Please contact the school or view their website) 2015/16
4158  PDF Document The Rawlett (96KB) 2011/12
4183  PDF Document The Weston Road Academy (263 KB) 2011/12
4084  PDF Document University Academy Kidsgrove (565KB) 2012/13
4111  PDF Document Walton High School (897 KB) N/A
4086  PDF Document Westwood College (60KB) 2011/12
4123  PDF Document Wilnecote High (257KB) 2011/12
4013  PDF Document Wolstanton High (698KB) N/A


 Free School or UTC

Determined UTC Admission Arrangements
 DfE NumberSchool Name  Date of Last Consultation
6906  PDF Document The JCB Academy (353KB) 2011/12
4007  PDF Document The Rural Enterprise Academy (334KB) 2011/12

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