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What if my child has special medical circumstances or a disability?

What if my child has special medical circumstances or a disability?

Please note that the allocation of a school place on medical grounds does not mean that a pupil will be automatically entitled to home to school travel assistance on medical grounds.

If a child who is attending their correct catchment or nearest suitable school is unable to walk to school due to a medical condition and/or disability (even when accompanied as necessary) and you are unable to make your own alternative travel arrangements, we may offer assistance. You should complete the general travel assistance application form and provide supporting written evidence from a medical professional detailing why the medical condition and/or disability prevents the pupil from completing their journey (even if accompanied), and confirming the likely period of incapacity. You should also provide details of what alternative travel arrangements you have tried/considered and why they are not suitable. We generally do not consider work or other childcare commitments as sufficient exceptional circumstances on their own to make travel arrangements.

For children of primary school age, travel assistance may also be considered if both parents’ medical conditions and/or disabilities prevent them from accompanying their child on their journey to school. Again, the pupil needs to be attending the catchment or nearest suitable school and an application should be made in writing and providing the additional information outlined above.

Where travel assistance is provided under medical grounds the case will be reviewed on a regular basis and continued supporting medical evidence will be required.

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