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The Government's vision is of "highly skilled practitioners delivering excellent play-based learning adapted to the development needs of each individual child."

In Staffordshire we are working to realise that vision and encourage enthusiastic people into the workforce.

Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

We all want the best for our children, but did you know that 90% of a child's brain connections will be made by the time they are five? That means that their development and learning from birth to the age of five has a significant influence on their future lives. That's why we need the best people to help them develop and why CWDC and its partners have created the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS).


Working in childcare is rapidly becoming a highly professionalised sector. By 2015 all full-time provision will need to have a graduate leader, with this status, in place to lead children's learning.

Contact your District Quality Liaison Officer to disuss the EYPS further.

For people who have a degree or are working towards one, the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) is available through approved training providers, including universities and private training providers. A list of these can be found by going at The Department For Education or by contacting the Workforce Development Team

Working with children can be rewarding work; helping them develop and grow in confidence. It requires skills and increasingly requires a qualified and enthusiastic workforce to ensure all children receive a good start in life. 

What do you need to work in childcare?

It requires certain qualities of the workers such as being patient, caring, energetic, outgoing, organised, and enjoying challenges.

To obtain work in the childcare sector you will need a full and relevant qualification at level 2 or above or be working towards one. Childcare qualification courses are available at your local college or private training provider on a part-time and full-time basis.  It is also possible to gain a qualification through an apprenticeship and learning-at-work schemes.

Which career style suits you?

A career in childcare offers a number of career options within four main areas of the private, voluntary and independent sector and a few are within the maintained (under the local authority) sector.  Below is a list of the areas of work available.

Day Nurseries

Day Nurseries usually cater for children up to school age. Some also offer Out of School provision to cater for older siblings and children of nearby schools. They may also cater for children with special needs. Types of work available in day nurseries are: nursery assistant, nursery nurse, room supervisor, lead for curriculum delivery, deputy manager, manager.

Pre-School or Playgroup


Pre-schools or Playgroups provide childcare, play and early education normally for children aged 2 - 5 years old. Operating times vary form one morning a week to every morning and afternoon a week. School holidays are usually observed. Types of work available in pre-schools and playgroups are: assistant, leader, play leader, manager.

Out of School Clubs

Out of School Clubs (also known as Before and After School Clubs/Groups) these cater for school age children, often on schools premises, they can provide play, sports and also quiet areas for homework to be completed. Types of work available in Out of School Clubs are: play assistant, play leader, outdoor/sports leader, manager.


Childminders are self-employed and work from home. They can be flexible in their hours to suit themselves and local parents needs. If you are interested in working as a childminder further information is available in the childminder section.

Nursery School/ Class

Nursery Schools/Classes are usually operated as part of a primary or infants school, they employ a qualified teacher to be in charge and cater for 3 and 4 year olds during school hours. Types of work available in a nursery school are: Early Years teacher, nursery assistant, nursery nurse.

Children's Centres

Some Children's Centres have nursery provision and crèche provision to cater for local needs. They are open all year round. Types of work available in a children's centre: educarer (as assistants, room leaders and supervisors) educarer coordinator.


We do not hold a register of current vacancies so are unable to give any advice on available posts.  As the majority of childcare is in the private, voluntary and independent sector, your local newspaper or Jobcentre Plus are the best places to look.*

Vacancies in children's centres and maintained nurseries are available in the job section.

Please Note: We can only advise & help people who live in Staffordshire, or who are re-locating to Staffordshire.  For anyone outside this region who is looking at a career in Childcare you must contact your local Council for that area.

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