Wider Family Learning Grant

Staffordshire's Adult and Community Learning Service (ACL) works with a range of schools to deliver innovative, stimulating and engaging Wider Family Learning (WFL) programmes for adults and children working together. This range of learning activities and courses will help to improve the lives of adults and children across Staffordshire.

Wider Family Learning programmes are those specifically designed to enable adults and children to learn together or those programmes that enable adults to learn how to support their children's learning. They aim to:

  • Develop the skills or knowledge of both adult and child participants.
  • Help adults to be more active in the support of their children's learning and development
  • To understand the impact of that support.

The Wider Family Learning Grant Specification:

PDF Document WFL Grant Specification 2017-18 (605 kb)


How do I apply for the Wider Family Learning Grant?

Word Document WFL Grant Application for Funding Part 1 2017-18 (122 kb)

Word Document WFL Grant Application for Funding Part 2 2017-18 (128 kb)


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