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Staffordshire Learning Infrastructure Framework

Every child deserves a good education. The right foundation of learning and skills is vital for our young people. It will help them access good jobs and live healthier, happier and independent lives.

We have created a learning infrastructure framework. It aims to set out how those who provide childcare or education can work together. We will make best use of the time and money we have. We will offer families choice in first class education and childcare, close to home, when they need it.

It is a discussion document that sets out our purpose, principles and approach to:

Planning for childcare and education places is complex. There is a wealth of information to support the process. We have summarised some of this information below.

Principles and priorities

Statutory duties

Please see the document below for a summary of the range of relevant legal duties placed on local authorities.

Learning and skills strategy

Our strategy is about working together with:

  • education providers
  • business and community leaders
  • the children, young people and families themselves

We want to make a difference to the lives of people. We will do this through driving excellence in learning and skills.

Special educational needs and disability

This plan sets out how we will put in place the recent reforms. We want to deliver a local approach that works within the legislative framework and timetable.

Local enterprise partnership

This is an ambitious strategy. It will help our economy unlock its growth potential. It will also tackle some of our long-standing underlying economic challenges.

Growth Forecast

Housing growth annex

This summarises the housing needs in the 8 district and borough council local plans.

Local and Neighbourhood Plans

Local plans set out the number and location of new homes to meet the needs of the community up to 2030.

There are polices within these plans that relate to new school provision. These are often associated with strategic housing site allocations.

neighbourhoodplansThese policies sit alongside other supporting plan policies relevant to the community stakeholders. They help form proposals of how and where to provide new infrastructure.

Local Plans

Neighbourhood plans

Capital funding annex

This explains the types of capital funding provided for schools by central government. It discusses developer contributions towards new school places.

Capital investment scenario

This short document provides an illustration of the possible capital implications for funding mainstream school places in Staffordshire over the next 15 years.

Forecast of additional mainstream school places

This map shows 2 growth forecasts for extra mainstream school places in each district and borough area. It shows as at 19 June 2015:

  • 5-year forecast up to 2020/21
  • 15-year forecast up to 2030/31

Statement of Priorities

This shows how we prioritise capital investment in the schools programme.

Capital funding for new school places

Below is a report from The National Audit Office (NAO), published in 2013. It assesses how well the Department for Education is meeting its objectives. Particularly in providing funding to support local authorities in their statutory duty to ensure enough school places for 4- to 16-year-olds.

School details

Special educational needs

We have details of schools and colleges in and around Staffordshire. This also includes pupil referral units, alternative provision and resource bases.

For more information about special educational needs and disabilities provision please see our local offer pages.


This is a register of educational establishments in England and Wales, maintained by the Department for Education. It can be used to search for information on establishments providing compulsory, higher and further education.

The Family Services Directory

The Family Services Directory provides details of OfSTED registered childcare provision in Staffordshire and can be used to search for information on childcare.

Governance and decision making

Documents about making significant changes to schools, closing schools and opening new schools are published by the Department for Education. They cover how schools and local authorities can respond to local demand and population changes. These include:

  • significant changes to existing provision (e.g. expanding a school, age range changes)
  • opening new provision
  • school closures

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