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You should consider any issues which may affect you, your animals and those around you.

Make a health and welfare complaint.

We deal with complaints related to the health and welfare of livestock.

Learn about honeybee health

Bees are responsible for pollinating a third of what we eat. Help to protect them.

See feed hygiene guidance

Make sure that those buying the feed will make informed choices.

Find out about keeping sheep and goats

Sheep and goats must be registered.

See information about keeping livestock

You should be aware of certain legal obligations that you need to fulfil.

Find out about poultry

You must register if you are responsible for a poultry premise with 50 or more birds.

See the support we provide

We support with direct advice over the telephone.

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How to get in touch with the team.













Trading Standards Fees

For more information see our PDF Document Trading Standards Fees (173 KB)

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