Feed hygiene

The feed hygiene controls safeguard animal and human health and apply to all businesses that make, use or market animal feeds.

This includes livestock farms and arable farms that grow, use or sell crops for feed use.
make ensure that those buying the feed are provided with sufficient information to allow them to make informed choices.


Record keeping is a key control element in many areas, including:

  • Nature and origin of animal feed.
  • Use of plant protection products and biocides.
  • Detail any veterinary products administered and withdrawal dates.
  • Any disease or pests that may affect food safety.
  • Details of information required for traceability (batch codes etc).
  • Results of any analysis carried out.
  • Health status of stock.


Please see the documents below:

Manufacturing pet foods

Before you start manufacturing any pet food please contact our Business Helpline on 0300 111 8002 for advice.

Feed businesses, including all pet manufacturers, must not operate without being registered or approved (as appropriate) with us.

EU regulations also require that the Animal Health and Plant Agency (APHA) approves manufacturers where pet food uses or incorporates products of animal origin. For example:

  • eggs
  • meat
  • milk
  • butter
  • honey

This includes premises manufacturing pet food in domestic houses even if using animal products deemed fit for human consumption.

The pet food must be labelled according to the labelling requirements. These are sometimes still referred to as a 'statutory statement'.


As food businesses, farmers and growers have to make sure that hazards are controlled appropriately.

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Further information

Please see the Food Standards Agency website.

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