Age Restricted sales

It is hugely important that age-restricted products are not sold to children. There are several pieces of legislation to prevent the sale of age-restricted products to those too young to buy them.

Such legislation is necessary to prevent young people from behaving anti-socially, becoming a nuisance to those around them and, most importantly, from harming themselves. Listed below are the age-restricted products monitored by Staffordshire County Council Trading Standards.

Age Restricted Products

Policies and procedures

Underage Sales Operations

We routinely carry out underage sales operations in premises that sell age restricted products. Operations involve underage volunteers entering a premise and attempting to purchase a specific age restricted product. If a sale is made, then the item in question is taken as evidence for any potential prosecution against the shop owner and the seller. PDF Document Underage Sales Facts - Infographic (1.0 MB)

Want to volunteer? If you are aged between 14 ½ and 16 ½ years old and would like to become an Underage Sales Volunteer more information and details of how to apply can be located on our underage sale volunteer webpage.

Underage Sales Training Quiz: The following quiz has been produced for training.

Guidance for businesses

To help businesses stay within the law, Business Companion has launched a new animation with in-depth guides on underage sales providing details of the different types of restricted products and the legislation surrounding them.


Contact us 

Staffordshire County Council: To report underage sales or for further advice on age restricted sales or information please Staffordshire Trading Standards.

Business Companiion: Businesses can also check their age-restriction processes against Business Companion’s best-practice guidance. Business Companion is a free to use, government funded service providing support and advice on trading standards and consumer protection legislation.

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