Bogus officials/distraction burglars


Posted on Thursday 12th October 2017

Staffordshire Police would like to  remind people to be wary when answering the door to unexpected callers, following a number of recent distraction burglaries involving bogus Water Board officials across Staffordshire.

The victims, aged between 86 and 101, were distracted by a man ‘checking’ the taps in the kitchen or bathroom, while a second man located and stole cash from the home. 

Descriptions are of two white men aged 30-40 years old. DO NOT let anyone into your home unless you know who they are or what they are there for.

NEVER TRUST anyone calling at the door without a prior appointment. Should you receive such a call, leave the door locked. The caller will hear you through the door when you ask them who they are. If they say they are from a utilities company, ask for your account number. They should have this if they are genuine. If not – do not let them in, tell them to leave and that you are calling the police.

ALWAYS ASK FOR ID, and check it. Even if someone claims to be an official; and that includes police officers and council representatives, people must have their ID checked.

DO NOT allow anyone to carry out work on your home or sell you anything when they cold call at the door. If you require work to be done INSTIGATE IT YOURSELF, by phoning three companies and asking for like for like quotes. Then decide.

Residents should also follow the STOP, CHAIN, CHECK rule when people call at the door.

  • STOP – If you are not expecting anybody and they don’t have an appointment, don’t let them in.
  • CHAIN - Use your door chain or bar before opening the door
  • CHECK – Ask to see ID and double check this.

Always report any suspicious behaviour to the police. If you think it's suspicious, it probably is. Keep your doors locked even when you are home. Residents are encouraged to contact the Police 999 Emergency if, and every time, they have suspicions about any caller to their door.

Free alerts from the Police

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Staffordshire Police website for general crime prevention information.


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