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''Staffordshire Scientific Services offer reliable testing, impartial advice and flexible customer support to clients in both the public sector and private business. In operation since 1929, the laboratory has been working to protect the public from the deliberate or accidental introduction of harmful foods, drink and animal feeding stuffs into the marketplace for nearly a century.

Our Public Analysts and highly qualified scientific staff are experienced in the fields of chemical analysis and legislation in regard to public health and product safety. The laboratory is accredited to UKAS Quality Standard ISO/IEC 17025 and is an Official Control Laboratory as defined by European legislation.

Services the laboratory can offer include full nutritional and chemical analysis of foods; detection of contaminants in food; analysis of animal feed and fertilisers; air, water and environmental pollution analysis; and safety testing of consumer goods including ceramics, toys, clothing, sunglasses and cosmetics.

Further information

For more about the services we can offer:

Telephone 01785 277825

Alternatively you can email us at or visit our website.


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