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What happens to my waste?

The headings below show what happens to each of the material types that are accepted at the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Staffordshire.

Types of waste


Batteries are currently sent to Eco Batt (G&P Batteries Ltd) in Wednesbury to be treated and made safe.

Car batteries

Car batteries are currently sent onto Moores Metals in Stoke on Trent for processing where the lead and plastic are separated, and the battery acid made safe. The car battery you recycle will typically be used to make more car batteries.


Cardboard is currently sent on to Willshees in Burton Upon Trent for recycling. Once free of contaminants it is sorted into different grades, baled, and stored ready for delivery for the next step in the recycling process. Cardboard you recycle typically comes back as paper bags, paperboard packaging and new cardboard boxes.


Cartons are currently sent to Print Waste in Cheltenham where they are baled and processed into several different products, ranging from plasterboard liner to high-strength paper bags and envelopes.

Clothes and shoes

Clothes, textiles and shoes are currently taken to Wilcox Textile Reclaimers. They are a family-owned group involved in the reclamation, processing and export of fine quality clothing to Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. They work with charities, local authorities and waste reclamation companies and have developed new systems using a robot-controlled automatic sorting system.

Cooking oil

Cooking oil is currently sent to Living Fuels a state-of-the-art recovery facility in Thetford to be cleaned and reprocessed. Once recovered it becomes an environmentally friendly bioliquid used to generate carbon-neutral electricity for UK homes and businesses.

Electrical goods

Small domestic appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, irons, and hairdryers) are currently collected by S Norton’s in Liverpool who test the goods for safety and suitability for reuse. Those not suitable are broken down into their component parts for recycling. They are then made into new products.

Fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent tubes are currently collected by Mercury Recycling in Manchester to have their mercury safely removed and the aluminium and steel separated. The high-quality glass cullet is treated and used within fibreglass and block manufacture.

Fridges and freezers

Fridges and freezers are currently collected by The Appliance Group in Tipton to be dismantled to elemental compounds such as copper, aluminium, and steel.

Garden waste

Garden waste is currently taken to Rymans (Lichfield), Jack Moody (Holly Bush Farm) and Ainsworths (Mill Farm) of which are open-air composting facilities where compost can be produced in a matter of weeks.


Glass is currently collected by Berryman Glass Recycling. Different colours of glass are separated using lasers. It is crushed to become glass cullet. The molten liquid is moulded or blown into new glass bottles and jars.

Hardcore and rubble

Hardcore and Rubble are currently sent to Willshees in Burton Upon Trent, Jack Moody (Holly Bush Farm), Potteries Demolition (Stoke) to be separated and reused. The hardcore is broken down and used as aggregate in the construction industry, often in road building.

Household waste

Items that are deposited in the Residual or Bulky Containers are currently sent to energy from waste (EFW) facilities run by Veolia in Staffordshire. EFW is a technology that burns household waste at high temperatures under carefully controlled conditions to produce electricity which is mostly fed into the National Grid. The energy created from burning the waste in the ERF in Staffordshire helps to power around 60,000 homes.


Paint is currently collected by Red Industries (Stoke). If it is a small amount it can be dried out in the tin and go in the Residual waste.


Paper is currently sent to Birmingham Fabrications. Paper can be recycled into numerous products such as egg cartons, paper plates, construction paper, phone books or even cat litter.


Plasterboard is currently sent to AR Richards (Market Drayton) where it is processed into new gypsum-based products, which can be used in the plasterboard and cement industry.


Plastic currently goes to AR Richards (Market Drayton)

Printer cartridges

Printer cartridges suitable for reuse are currently collected Take Back ltd

Reusable items

Items which come into the Household Waste Recycling Centre and can be re-used or are in good condition are currently donated to the Katherine House Hospice charity, so they can sell the items to raise money for their services. Items which we donate to the charity can range from good quality furniture, chairs and sofas all the way to books and CD’s.

Scrap metal

Scrap metals are currently sent to Moores Metals in Stoke on Trent. At these facilities, the metal is separated into different types to then be melted down. It is then recycled into a wide range of new metal products. Virtually all metals can be recycled into high-quality new metals.

Street sweepings

Street sweepings currently go to Suez Coleshill.

TVs and monitors

TVs and monitors are currently collected by Environcom England Ltd. Those suitable for reuse are tested and sold on. Those not suitable for reuse are broken down into their component parts for recycling. Glass in the screens can be reused in the manufacture of new televisions and monitors. Other materials such as ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are recovered for recycling too.

Used engine oil

Used engine oil is currently collected by ENVA. Water, chemicals, and other impurities are extracted from the oil to refine it for reuse as new engine oil or as a fuel for industry.

Wood and timber

Wood and timber currently goes to Willshees (Burton upon Trent).


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