Air source heat pump application

Heat pump application

Staffordshire County Council are helping residents who live in rural areas to make their homes more energy efficient. We are offering residents the opportunity to apply to get a free heat pump installed in their home.

You could be eligible for the scheme if you don’t already have central heating and your family is struggling to pay fuel bills, you have a low or no income, or you are claiming benefits, universal credit or tax credits. You also may be eligible if you are elderly, have a disability, or have very young children.

This scheme is being delivered in partnership with E.ON and Communitas Energy.

Complete the application form below to apply:

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  • Does your property has a gas supply?
  • How well insulated is the property? Please select all that apply
  • Do you receive any benefits?
  • Personal details
  • Do you live in the property
  • Which would you describe yourself as?