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Cheadle and Uttoxeter

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All Cheadle and Uttoxeter services   Back to top

Cheadle and Uttoxeter Bus Services
ServiceOperatorRouteDays of operationTimetable
6A First Potteries Blythe Bridge - Meir Park - Longton - Hanley Mon - Sun Current timetable
30 Taxico (Aimee's) Tean - Cheadle - Leek Mon - Fri Current timetable
32 First Potteries Uttoxeter - Cheadle - Hanley Mon - Sun Current timetable
108 Taxico (Aimee's) Ashbourne - Waterhouses - Leek Mon - Sat Current timetable
123 Bennetts Travel Cheadle town service Mon - Fri Current timetable
401 / 402 / 402A / 403 Midland Classic Uttoxeter - Draycott / Tutbury - Burton Mon - Sat Current timetable
406 Midland Classic Uttoxeter town service Mon - Sat Current timetable
411 Ashbourne Little Bus Uttoxeter - Church Leigh - Tean - Denstone circular Wed only Current timetable
841 D&G Bus Uttoxeter - Hixon - Weston - Stafford Mon - Sat Current timetable
IN2 Stanton's of Stoke Cheadle - Dilhorne - Blythe Bridge - Hanley Mon - Fri Current timetable
Swift Trent Barton Uttoxeter - Ashbourne - Derby Mon - Sun Current timetable
X41 D&G Bus Stafford - Uttoxeter -
Alton Towers
Mon - Sun Current timetable

Seasonal timetables

Alton Towers seasonal services
ServiceOperatorRouteDays of operationTimetable
X32 First Potteries Stoke - Hanley - Alton Towers Mon - Sat
(Apr - Aug)
Not currently operating
X52 Notts Derby Nottingham - Derby - Alton Towers Mon - Fri
(Mar - Aug)
Not currently operating



Destinations served from Uttoxeter bus station   Back to top

Uttoxeter bus routes
Abbots Bromley 402A/403
Alton X41
Alton Towers X41
Anslow 402A/403
Ash Bank 32
Ashbourne Swift
Balance Hill 32 (Sch), 402/402A/403
Beam Hill 401/402/402A/403
Beamhurst 32
Brailsford Swift
Bramshall 411, 841
Bucknall 32
Burton-upon-Trent 401/402/402A/403
Cellarhead 32
Cheadle 32
Checkley 32
Church Leigh 411
County Showground X41
Denstone 411, Swift, X41
Derby Swift
Dove Valley Park 401
Dovegate Prison 402
Doveridge 401
Draycott-in-the-Clay 402/402A
Ellastone Swift
Fole 32
Foston 401
Freehay 411
Grindley 841
Hanley 32
Hatton 401
Hixon 841
Hollington 411
Hopton 841
Kingsley 32
Kingsley Holt 32
Kingston Hill (Stafford) 841, X41
Kingstone 841
Kirk Langley Swift
Lower Leigh 411
Lower Tean 32, 411
Mackworth Swift
Marchington 402/402A
Mayfield Swift
Mobberley 32
Needwood 402A/403
Netherland Green 402/402A
Newborough 402A/403
Queens Hospital (Burton) 401/402/402A/403
Rocester 411, Swift, X41
Rolleston-on-Dove 401
Rough Hay 402A/403
Salt 841
Spath 32
Stafford 841, X41
Stowe-by-Chartley 841
Stramshall 32
Stubwood 411
Sudbury 401
The Blythe 841
The Heath (Uttoxeter) 406, 841
The Wharf (Uttoxeter) 32, 406, 411
Tutbury 401/402
Upper Tean 32, 411
Werrington 32
Weston 841, X41
Willslock 403
Winnothdale 411
Withington 411



Where to catch your bus in Cheadle   Back to top

cheadle bus stops
ServiceDestinationStops served
30 Leek, via Kingsley, Kingsley Holt, Froghall, Ipstones and Bradnop A, B, C
32 Uttoxeter, via Tean, Checkley, Fole, Stramshall and Spath D
32 Hanley, via Kingsley, Cellarhead, Werrington and Bucknall A, C, F, G
123 Hammersley Hayes A, B, E, F, G
123 Lightwood A, D, F, G
123 Rakeway A, F, G
IN2 Hanley, via Dilhorne, Forsbrook, Blythe Bridge, Meir and Weston Coyney G



Where to catch your bus in Uttoxeter town centre   Back to top

Uttoxeter bus stops
ServiceDestinationStops served
32 Hanley A, F
401 Burton, via Sudbury A, E
402/402A Burton, via Draycott A, B, C, E
403 Burton, via Abbots Bromley A, B, C, E
406 Uttoxeter Town service A, F
411 Denstone, The Leighs A, B, F
841 Stafford A, F
Swift Derby A, B, D, F
X41 Stafford
Alton Towers
A, C
A, C, D

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