Pregnancy - advice for parents

Talk to me

Try  chatting to bump – Your baby will love hearing you talk and sing to them, they will hear more than you think.

Your baby’s brain is growing rapidly and by 16 weeks gestation they will be able to hear your voice. This will help them to feel safe, secure and loved even before they are born. When he / she is born they will recognise familiar sounds like your voice and this will help comfort them after birth.

Libraries have a range of books to read to your ‘bump’ as well as books and e-books on pregnancy.

Staffordshire Libraries

Staffordshire Libraries have a huge range of picture books to borrow from the library and e-books that are just perfect for reading to your unborn baby. Library membership is free. If you are not a member of Staffordshire Libraries then you can join in person at any library or online. There are also collections of books and e-books on all aspects of pregnancy and parenting which can be borrowed free.

Stoke on Trent Libraries

Stoke on Trent libraries have the following on offer for parents-to-be

  • Non-fiction books for parents-to-be
  • Story books to read aloud to your “bump”
  • Enquiry service, including signposting to other services
  • Mother & Baby eMagazine available on RBdigital - New customers can join the library online and will have immediate access to eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks

I'm listening

Your baby will hear lots of sounds like your heartbeat. When they are born they may be calmed by being held close to you where they can hear your heartbeat and feel comfortable. 

Meet my family

Bonding with bump – it’s not too early to let your bump meet family and friends. Your baby will begin to recognise not only your voice, but that of the people close to you.

Looking after yourself

You are the most important person to your baby.

Taking care of your unborn baby means taking care of yourself. Looking after your physical and mental health is essential.  Make sure you have plenty of time to relax. Babies can react to stress hormones in the womb so the happier, healthier and calmer you can be the better it is for your baby. Healthy eating, rest and exercise help towards promoting positive mental health and will also benefit your unborn baby’s development. You can talk to your midwife and access further advice to support with stopping smoking

Make a move

Playing music to your bump – might just get a response

Your baby will express themselves through moving around. Your baby will hear sounds around you and voices. Play music and gently touch your bump to let them know you’re there, you may notice a move or a kick in response to a sound or a movement you make.

Get to know the bump

Try to picture how they may look.

What things may they like as they grow and develop?

This will help to build your relationship with your unborn baby and help them to feel safe, secure and connected to you.

Making plans

During pregnancy it is important to begin to think about how to adapt to becoming new parents. Think about your home environment:

  • Have you got the equipment you need to keep your baby safe and well?
  • How are you planning to feed your baby?
  • What support do you have from family and friends and what local support services are available?

Information and support

Sign up to Hungry Little Minds Staffordshire for updates on what to expect and how to support your child's development.

More videos about what you can do in pregnancy can be found at BBCs Tiny Happy People

Staffordshire Children’s Centres 

Ask your health professional about information on the Children’s Centre.  You can then familiarise yourself with what’s available within your local area, both during pregnancy and when your baby is born.  

Families can see the current activity timetable, links to individual Children’s Centre Facebook pages and Centre contact details on Staffordshire Connects Children’s Centres. Follow your local Children’s Centre on Facebook so you can see information relevant to families and details of new activity sessions. Make contact with your local Children’s Centre to discuss what sessions are offered and find out a bit more.  

Family Hubs 

Following your District’s Family Hub on Facebook is also a good way to keep informed on things of interest to families. You can find more information on the Family Hubs on Staffordshire Connects as well as links to our Family Hub projects.