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Response times to reported issues

Following a report of a road issue an inspector will make an on-site investigation within 5 - 7 working days.

When works are scheduled, they are scheduled in accordance to their risk assessment outcome and other works raised throughout Staffordshire. Understandably, works which are considered high priority are completed first. Risk is determined on a number of factors and includes risk to life, property and serious harm.

Category 1 & 2

Defects which pose an immediate risk take priority, and these are usually repaired within seven days.

Please be aware that urgent works may include temporary repairs to make the location safe.  Any temporary repairs will be followed by more permanent works at a later date.

Category 3

Defects which are low risk will be grouped with similar works in the area so that we can be as efficient and cost effective as possible.  Currently, over 50% of low risk repairs are completed within 60 days. The remaining reported defects will be repaired as soon as resources become available.

Your report

As soon as any progress is made on your report we will e-mail you again with an update. 
You can also check on the progress of your report online.

Providing we have your email address, you will receive notification advising of the outcome.

General information

The repair of reported defects form part of a much bigger highway maintenance operation across our road network.  This includes a range of planned activities to ensure limited budgets are used in the most effective way.  This includes resurfacing works along roads that have reached their end of life; surface dressing roads to protect them from further deterioration, drainage renewals, and regular maintenance activities such as gully emptying and grass cutting. 

Further information

Please contact us:

Email: highways@staffordshire.gov.uk
Phone: 0300 111 8000

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