Official Local Authority Search (CON29 & LLC1)

What is the Official Local Authority Search?

A full local authority search usually comprises two parts, an extract from the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1) and a set of standard enquiries known as CON29 and CON29O. The CON29 form is the Law Society's approved method for carrying out a land charge search and is submitted to the district or borough council by the enquirer.

If the council is a unitary authority, they will answer all of the CON29 questions. If the council is a district or borough in Staffordshire they will submit the highway related questions to us for completion, before gathering the information and completing the response. This response is known as the official CON29 as it is backed by a local authority guarantee. Personal search companies can also request the information from us, but these searches do not have this guarantee.

The CON29 is divided into two separate parts, which can be submitted independently of each other: 

  • CON29 - which are Required questions and cover such items as major road proposals, traffic schemes and road status

  • CON29O - which are Optional questions and cover such items as public rights of way and common land and village greens

How do I request a CON29 enquiry?

For a full local authority search, or search of the Local Land Charges Register, please contact the relevant district or borough council who will send the enquiry to us to provide the highway-related information as part of this process.

For any searches within Stoke city, please contact Stoke-on-Trent City Council as they operate as a unitary authority. 

How much does a CON29 search cost?

Each district and borough council charge differently for a full local authority search, please contact the relevant district or borough council for clarification.

Fees for CON29 enquiries vary depending on what is being asked. Please review our fees and charges for more information.

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