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Highway records and searches

What are highway records?

Highway records are information about highways in Staffordshire, which are maintained at public expense or by another person or body.

The information we hold includes:

  • Road or maintenance status and extent of the highway (excluding motorways and trunk roads which are the responsibility of Highways England)
  • Relevant adoption records
  • Road schemes (e.g. a new road junction arrangement)
  • Traffic schemes (e.g. local traffic calming measures)
  • Public rights of way
  • Common land and town or village greens

What are highway searches?

As local highway authority, we provide highway, traffic and other related information as part of the overall search usually conducted by district/borough councils or private search companies, which makes up an element of the standard conveyancing process for the purchase of land and/or property. It is normally performed on the request of your solicitor and the search results are used to assist a prospective purchaser to decide on the desirability and suitability of the property as well as informing of any enforceable registrations in existence and future proposals under consideration at the time the search was carried out.

To guarantee accuracy and provision of the latest information, the Local Land Charges Institute always recommends the use of an Official Local Authority Search consisting of an official LLC1 and CON29 form, submitted to and completed by the relevant local authority.

What services do we provide?

We can undertake a variety of searches and provide a range of information and services relating to many aspects of highway information including:

How much do services cost?

Road or maintenance status searches can be done free of charge using our online status search.

Costs of other searches and services depend upon what information you require. Please refer to our fees and charges for more information. 

How do I request a search or service?

Please select the relevant service for more information.

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