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Highway extent search

What is the Highway Extent?

As local highway authority, the county council can provide information on the extent of highway which is Highway Maintainable at Public Expense (HMPE). The extent of the highway can include the carriageway (road), footway, grass verges and unmade surfaces adjacent to roads as well as areas of land. We are unable to provide extent information for highways that are not maintained by ourselves, or for motorways and trunk roads. Motorways and trunk roads are the responsibility of Highways England.

How is the extent of the highway determined?

We have plans for most developments from 1948 onwards, so we can determine the highway extent relatively easily. However, sometimes a plan for a development doesn't exist, or in some locations where the highway has been built for a very long time, detailed records of HMPE are limited so this will require further investigation of various documents to confirm the HMPE area.

We have an on-going project to identify and record the extent of all highways; however, due to the nature of these investigations, much of the county remains un-researched. If you feel you have any relevant documents that may be of use to us, please email to us at land.charges@staffordshire.gov.uk.

How much does a Highway Extent request cost?

Please refer to our fees and charges.

How do I apply?

Apply online

What is the turnaround time?

For Highway Extent requests, the turnaround time is 32 working days due to the high numbers of requests we receive. We are unable to offer an expedited service.

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