Be Waste Savvy


Did you know?

On average, in the UK, we throw away our own bodyweight in rubbish every seven weeks.

The average person also uses three times their share of the world's resources. 

We all need to think differently about what we buy and try to reduce the amount of waste we produce.


What can we do?

The best thing we can do for the environment is to reduce the amount of waste we create. 

After reducing our waste, the second best option is to reuse items.

If you can't reduce or reuse, the next best thing to do is to recycle your unwanted items.


Easy swaps you can make...

  1. Reduce your food waste
    Did you know that the average family could save £700 a year by simply reducing the amount of food being thrown away?

    Top Tips: 
    - Plan your meals ahead of time and write a shopping list on paper or, in a note on your phone. This helps to only buy what we need.
    - Get the most out of your food by making it last longer. Try rotating time sensitive foots between the fridge and cupboards.
    - Freeze fruit, veg and meat before it's too late. You can then defrost them at a later date.

  2. Reduce your plastic waste by purchasing products with less packaging
    Did you know that a fifth of our waste is packaging ? That is 5 million tonnes of household packaging waste in the UK every year.

    Top Tips:
    - Avoid buying items which are individually wrapped. Try buying loose items like fruit and vegetables from the shop instead.
    - Look out for refill packs for things you buy regularly like cleaning products or shampoo and conditioner.
    - Try buying concentrated products, like juice in a small squirt bottle. They can often be cheaper too.
    - Take a reusable fabric bag to the shops rather than buying a plastic bag.

  3. Rethink your wardrobe
    Did you know, that the value of unworn clothes in UK wardrobes is £30 billion pounds?
    Clothes, footwear and household textiles are one of the biggest polluters in the world and similar to plastic, a lot are often made from materials which will take 1000's of years to disintegrate, if they ever do.

    Top Tips: 
    - Avoid buying clothes that you will only wear once. Next time you go shopping ask yourself, "Will I get 30 wears out of this item?". 
    - Rediscover the unloved clothes in your wardrobe. Try them on, and you might fall in love with them all over again.
    - Repair your clothes rather than throwing them away.  There are lots of repair cafe's across Staffordshire, who will be able to help.
    - If you have good quality clothing which no-longer fits, or you are not going to wear, donate it to charity. Find your nearest Home Waste Recycling Centre and donate. 

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