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How will this help?

Whilst the county council carries out inspections on the most well-used public rights of way, Staffordshire has one of the largest rights of way networks in the country with over 4,000 miles of footpaths and bridleways. The county council simply doesn’t have the manpower to do everything.

Telling us when you’ve spotted a problem, or reporting it through our online portal would really help.

All you need to do is keep an eye out for problems such as a broken stile, a leaning fingerpost, a missing or damaged waymarker, or a path that is obstructed by crops, overgrown vegetation or a locked gate and then report it online.

If you make a pledge below, you'll get some more information on easy ways to carry out your pledge. If you let us know your email, we will send you more tips, advice, and stories of people doing the same.

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Join others pledging to do one thing extra to help themselves, their family or those around them. Pledge now to do your bit and be the eyes and ears for our countryside.

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We’ll only use your email to send you information that might be helpful to you to carry out your pledge, and send you information about other things that people are doing in your area.

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