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Burton Extra FAQs

Areas currently covered by the Burton Extra Advice are: Anglesey, Shobnall, Horninglow and Eton Park only.

Why are you giving this Burton Extra advice?

Despite community efforts, we are continuing to see cases increase in the areas of Anglesey, Shobnall, Horninglow and Eton Park in particular. These Burton Extra measures are needed to help us reduce the spread of infection, protect lives and keep Burton open for business.

Do they apply to the whole of Burton?

The advice currently applies to people living in the four wards above, but is subject to review.


Social Gatherings

How many people can I invite to my home in a week?

It is now illegal for most people to meet socially indoors or outdoors in groups of more than six. We are also asking as part of the Burton Extra measures that members of your household meet with members of no more than one other household in any week.


There are more than six people in my house already?

The Government says larger households can still socialise together – but you will not be able to meet with another household in groups of six or more. So for example this means if you are a family of eight, four of you could meet with two people from one other household. Under the Burton Extra advice members of one household can only meet with members of one other household during a week.


What if I am in a support bubble?

If you are single adult household you can still meet with any household of any size. Under Burton Extra measures this should still be just one other household during a week.


I work in Burton do the rules apply to me?

The national laws and Burton extra advice on social gatherings do not apply to work or education settings.


Can my partner see their family and I see mine in the same week?

As part of the Burton Extra advice if you live in the same house – then sorry no. Members of one household can only meet with members of one other household during a week and no more than six people in total. You could try visiting on alternative weeks


Do babies count in the numbers?

Yes babies and children should be included in the maximum number of six.


I am planning to hold a barbeque. How many can I invite?

There should be more than six people in total including your household. As part of Burton Extra measures only people from one other household can be invited.


We have been invited to a wedding – families and friends are all going in small groups is that ok?

The maximum number for a wedding is 15, funerals remains 30. As part of the Burton Extra measures under-threes and over 65s are advised not to attend.


Face coverings and social distancing


I don’t like wearing one, do I really have to?

Yes, unless you have a medical condition which means you can’t. These should be worn on public transport and in shops and in enclosed spaces. See full details of who has to wear one, where you need to wear them and how to make one here

Face covering should be worn in enclosed shopping centres and not just in the shops themselves. Police in Burton are carrying out checks to make sure people are wearing face coverings where necessary.


What happens if I don’t wear one?

You could be unknowingly spreading the virus and putting lives at risk. You also risk a fine of £200.

I have seen people not wearing one when I am out shopping, why is that?

Some people aren’t able to wear a face covering because of a health condition. We are advising all shops that they should be reminding all customers of the need to wear one


My local shop is so small there is no way you can keep 2m apart as there are always people in there

As part of the Burton Extra measures small local shops are advised to allow no more than two customers in at any time. If there are more than this in the shop, don’t go in or if in the shop, leave immediately


Covid-19 and Test and Trace


I have a temperature, but think it is only a cold can I still go out?

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 including a high temperature then you must stay home and book a test. If your test is positive you will need to stay home for 10 days from the start of your symptoms. Everyone you live with must stay home for 14 days – even if they feel well. If you are unable to get a test then unfortunately you must stay home for 10 days from the start of your symptoms and everyone you live with must stay home for 14 days.


Can I go out while I wait for a test?

If you have symptoms, you should stay in until you can have a test.


If it is negative can I go out?

If your test is negative you don’t need to self-isolate (stay in) unless someone else in your house has symptoms or has tested positive, or you are advised to do so by the Test and Trace Service. A negative test does not mean you cannot catch the virus or spread it to others.


I have been contacted by the Test and Trace service because I have tested positive – I don’t want to tell them who I have been in contact with.

It is important that we know who you have been in close contact with so we can identify who needs to stay at home to prevent the spread of infection and save lives


I have been told I have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive what do I need to do?

You must stay home for 14 days, even if you feel well, and book a test if you develop symptoms. Other people in your house do not need to self-isolate, but you should limit your contact with them as much as possible


I am self-isolating for 14 days, but is it ok if I take the children to school or go to the shops?

Sorry this is an absolute no. You shouldn’t leave your house unless it is to take a test or for a medical appointment. Spot checks are being made in Burton to make sure everyone follows the rules


I can’t stay in for this length of time as I need help

It is important you follow the rules. If you are struggling or need help please contact us on 0300 111 8050 on weekdays between 9am and 5pm


Pubs and Restaurants


I am meeting up with friends at the pub how many can I meet up with?

It is illegal to meet in groups of more than six and under Burton Extra advice this group must not include people from more than two households.


I don’t want to leave my contact details

Pubs and restaurants must take your details. It is important that you can be contacted quickly if you may have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

These should be both accurate and easy to read. If you don’t want to do this, then put simply, don’t visit pubs and restaurants.

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