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Health app finder promotional resources

This support page has been produced to provide a selection of pre-prepared resources that you can use to help share and promote the Health App Finder tool and its benefits within your organisation or in your community.

This assets below can be used by anyone, and are ideal for organisations, community leaders and stakeholders to support the outreach of the Staffordshire Health App Finder.



Promotional resources

The pre-written copy and associated digital graphics, posters, photos and logos below can be used on your websites and blogs, in your newsletters and circulars, on physical and digital noticeboards, in social media posts, or anywhere else to help you promote and share information about Staffordshire Health App Finder.

Quick access to resources

You can use the following links to jump to the section or resource you need



Any questions?

If you have any questions about any aspect of the App Finder tool, in the first instance contact: 

Joanna Robinson

Lucy Gratton

If you need support with any of the marketing and promotional materials or require any alternative versions of the supplied materials, then contact:

Russel Gethings



Pre-written promotional copy

There are two versions of pre-written copy to choose.  One aimed at the general public, and another more suited for organisations to share.

Please use the copy below 'as is' or feel free to experiment with the copy and the list of conditions to make it more appropriate for your organisation. 

Please remember: the main 'call-to-action' is to encourage professionals, partners, public and end users to peruse the Health app finder tool.



For general public audiences

Download health apps you can trust

Discover the best apps to improve your health and wellbeing.

Good health apps can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing.  We're providing access to thousands of apps that have been fully reviewed and we’ve handpicked the very best in our new Staffordshire health app library.

The health app library is safe and secure to use and features hundreds of apps independently reviewed and proven to deliver results.

Find trusted apps proven to help manage specific conditions and more general health and wellbeing, including:

  • anxiety and stress
  • diabetes
  • weight loss and fitness
  • dementia
  • mental wellbeing
  • cancer
  • muscular and arthritic conditions
  • stopping smoking
  • pregnancy
  • and hundreds more

Access our very own health app library now.



For organisations

Recommend our trusted library of hand-picked health apps to support those in Staffordshire at risk

During the current ongoing coronavirus outbreak, we are all adapting to new ways of delivering health and wellbeing guidance and care support to our at-risk residents.

Digital health and wellbeing apps can help older residents or those with long-term conditions to manage their health at home, but there are thousands to choose from and not all apps can be trusted to offer clinical assurance and up to date advice. 

So to help our most vulnerable manage their health digitally with the most trusted apps that meet their needs, we are now offering access to a super easy-to-use health app finder tool.

The tool offers an invaluable resource for volunteers, community organisations and health and care professionals as well as the general public to get access to a library of fully reviewed and handpicked apps during this extraordinary time.

The library is safe and secure to use and features hundreds of apps independently reviewed and proven to deliver results and help manage specific conditions and more general health and wellbeing, including:

  • anxiety and stress
  • diabetes
  • weight loss and fitness
  • dementia
  • mental wellbeing
  • cancer
  • muscular and arthritic conditions
  • stopping smoking
  • pregnancy
  • and hundreds more

Access and recommend apps from our very own health app library now.



Pre-written social media posts

Below is a selection of suggested social media posts and accompanying graphics. Simply copy and paste the text and use any of the images in your own social media channels. 

Or feel free to develop you own posts. However, when posting about Staffordshire App Finder on your social media channels, please use the hashtag #StaffsAppFinder. This will help us to see your posts, to share and re-post and amplify them, and measure engagement.

Short posts - ideal for Twitter

Our free appfinder tool helps you to stay healthy or manage a long-term condition, such as #Diabetes, #Asthma, #Arthritis, #MentalHealth and 100s more, with easy access to a range of the best clinically assured, tested and rated health apps. www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder  


There's an increasing number of digital health apps available. But which ones are the best?  We've created an easy to use library of rated and trusted apps on a variety of wellbeing & health themes to make sure that you're choosing the best ones. www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder  


Visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder for a range of apps to help you with your mental health and wellbeing. You can use these apps sure in the knowledge they have been fully reviewed and offer clinical assurance. #MentalHealth #Wellbeing #Staffordshire


Find a Health App you can trust, to help keep loved ones safe and well when you can’t be there.  Our individually rated and recommended Health Apps are here to support and help with a variety of health conditions, living well and general wellbeing categories for everyone.

See what's available at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder

#StaffsAppFinder #Staffordshire

You already use an app to manage your bank account, so why not use an app to help you manage your health?

Find reviewed and rated health and wellbeing apps that you can trust www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder Please share with your family, friends and loved ones.

#StaffsAppfinder #Health #DigitalHealth #wellbeing #Staffordshire

Find a Health App that you can trust to help you and your loved ones to keep on track to health, wellbeing and happiness by using our new and trusted Health App Finder tool.

Access, search and browse our recommended health apps at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder 



Longer posts - ideal for Facebook

Example Facebook post 1

We have an excellent library of easy to use Health Apps and Digital Tools to support our most vulnerable during #COVID19 restrictions.

They are available through our new safe, secure & trusted Health App Finder designed to help and support you and your loved ones.

Access it at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder The apps cover a wide variety of health conditions and more general health and wellbeing support including:

  • mental wellbeing
  • dementia
  • anxiety and stress
  • diabetes
  • muscular and arthritic conditions
  • weight loss and fitness
  • stopping smoking
  • and hundreds more

Access it at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder 

#StaffsAppfinder #Health #DigitalHealth #Wellbeing #Staffordshire 


Example Facebook post 2

Find a health app you can trust to help keep loved ones safe and well when you can’t be there. 

Our individually rated and recommended health apps are here to support and help. See what's available at www.staffordshire.gov.uk/appfinder

Helping with a variety of health conditions - such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, chest, lung and heart Issues, dementia and many more.

Plus, supporting other health and wellbeing concerns such as smoking, sleeping, stress, and weight loss.

All apps are easy to access and are our pick of the best clinically assured tested and rated health apps available.

#StaffsAppfinder #Health #DigitalHealth #wellbeing #Staffordshire



Downloadable resources

Social media images

Please use any of the social media graphics in your social media.  They can be combined with the pre-written social media posts above, or combined with your own.




Please download either of the posters below to use on your physical or digital noticeboards:  

Graphics for websites, emails and newsletters

Please use any of the graphics below on your websites, blogs, in newsletters and circulars or anywhere appropriate. They can be combined with the pre-written promotional copy above, or combined with your own.

Promotional Video

You can preview the Staffordshire health app finder walkthrough video below. 

You are welcome to share the version on YouTube, or if you wish to download it for use in your own promotional you can do that by using this direct download link.

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