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Market engagement opportunities

Opportunity for care home and home care providers to access support with the Digital Security and Protection Toolkit

Significant changes in the way that medical and allied health professional referrals and prescription requests can be received and in requirements to access Continuing Healthcare funding are coming into effect from 1 April 2020 in Staffordshire. Details of the changes and impact on your business can be found below: ‘Four key points your business needs to know’.

In response to this, Staffordshire County Council along with key partners has secured funding and identified resources to support care home and home care providers to achieve compliance with the Digital Security and Protection toolkit. 

Please see the invitation information and application form (24 KB) to see if this is a project you would like to be involved in. 

Please note that applications forms must be received by 12 noon on Wednesday 9 October 2019.

Data and Cyber Security – Four key points your business needs to know

Significant changes in the way that medical and allied health professional referrals and prescription requests can be received and in requirements to access Continuing Healthcare funding are coming into effect from April 1 2020 in Staffordshire.

The changes and impact of these changes are detailed below:

  • Fax Machines - Across the health system in Staffordshire, fax machines are being phased out. All will have been removed by 1st April 2020. 

    This means no fax machines in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies, in Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust or in hospitals throughout Staffordshire. 

    This means referrals and prescriptions can only be sent and received electronically from April 1 2020. This will affect every health and social care provider organisation in Staffordshire, regardless of its funding source(s).
  • Secure email systems - Due to regulatory and legislative requirements, any electronic communications that contain any sensitive data such as personal patient / social care recipient data can only be shared using secure email systems. This means there are only two secure mail systems in operation in the UK that fulfil this criteria. These are NHSmail and email addresses ending in .gov.uk. NHS mail and .gov.uk email systems are able to communicate together securely which means providers with NHSnet accounts can use secure email communication systems across the wider health and social care economy. Therefore, the only method available for patient referrals, sharing of patient information and prescription requests is NHSmail from 1 April 2020. Not having an NHSnet account and sharing referrals or prescription requests electronically through any other system after 1 April 2020 would inevitably place organisations at GDPR compliance and business continuity risk.
  • Having an NHSnet account - To send emails using NHSmail, all adult social care organisations are currently required to have at least toolkit compliance at ‘entry level’. Application for an NHSnet account occurs through a separate process. Having access to NHSmail does however bring with it a number of additional cost savings and other key business benefits as detailed in the new Digital Social Care website NHS Mail link.
  • Continuing Healthcare Funding – Any organisations currently in receipt of or wishing to apply for Continuing Healthcare funding from April 2020 will need to be toolkit compliant at ‘entry level’ aspiring to ‘standards met’ level and have registered for an NHSnet account. This currently means separately completing both the ‘entry’ and ‘standards met’ toolkit compliance levels and then separately registering for an NHSnet account.We know that understanding and implementing changes such as these is very challenging. This funding will provide training, support and guidance to help participants in this project to meet the necessary requirements and help us develop further information, advice and guidance for the wider care market. Please work with us and let us help you through this process and look out for further information about how to complete the toolkit and to register for NHSmail, which we will share over the next six months.


Managers quality network forum 

The date of the next forum in 2020 is still to be announced. 

Stafford registered managers network

The next network meeting has been rescheduled and will now take place on Wednesday 11 December 2019 from 1pm to 4pm.

Location: Staffordshire Place 1, Tipping Street, Stafford ST16 2DH. 

For more information about the network and future meeting dates please see the registered managers network page.

Further information

The training and events course finder on Staffordshire Connects includes training courses as well as events run by us and external partner events that may be of interest to you.

What you told us in our survey “Exploring new opportunities for engaging with the health and social care market in Staffordshire”

The purpose of the survey

In early 2019, we ran a survey on our website to identify additional opportunities to engage with the broader social care and health market place through digital and other regular 2-way mechanisms.

The survey was open to all providers who deliver social care and health services or products, and to specialist housing providers, including providers who contract with us and those that don’t.

We would like to thank all those people who took part in the survey.  We will use the results of the survey to guide our next steps in shaping how we engage with the broader market place in future.

The main findings from the survey

  • We received 27 responses. This is not representative of the market place but covered the major client groups (older people, learning disabilities and mental health) and a wide range of service types including the housing sector. 
  • We found that there is varying use of the websites but overall there is high satisfaction with them.
  • Participants showed the greatest interest in using engagement to explore emerging market opportunities and share best practice, to take a joint approach to engagement with statutory partners and influence commissioning intentions.
  • If the capability of the wider adult social care market place is comparable to those who responded to the survey, we assume there is potential to develop digital engagement methods as 96% of participants told us they have access to one or more of the following methods: Skype, webinars, social media or chatrooms.  Most participants (74%) can access webinars and social media but there is far less access to Skype (44%).
  • Feedback to the survey showed that there is strong interest in shaping future engagement mechanisms from a range of market sectors (including housing and accommodation providers) which provide for a variety of client groups. 
  • There is strong interest in being part of a focus group to help us shape how we engage with the market.

We are continuing to review and improve the Information for Providers website, including monitoring usage, content and feedback.  We welcome comments on this website which can be made to our health and care inbox: healthandcare@staffordshire.gov.uk.

You can request a copy of the full survey results by emailing us at: healthandcare@staffordshire.gov.uk

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