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Information for carers factsheet

All carers who want one can have an assessment of their needs and, if they need one and are eligible, have a paid advocate to support them in accessing carers support and so on.


Am I a carer?   Back to top

Yes, if you look after someone who could not manage without your help. For example, a husband or wife, partner, a relative, a friend or neighbour.

In Staffordshire, thousands of people provide unpaid care or support to an adult family member or friend, either in their own home or somewhere else. Caring for someone covers lots of different things, like helping with their washing, dressing, or eating, or taking them to appointments.


What does the Care Act mean for me as a carer?   Back to top

It means that you are entitled to an assessment of your needs, not just an assessment based on the needs of the person you care for. It will consider the impact of caring on you and the things which you want to achieve in your life, such as work, study or getting out and about more.


What is a carer's assessment?   Back to top

It will look at the different ways in which caring affects a person's life. Carers may be able to get support, such as respite or replacement care. We also have a duty to provide personalised information and advice to meet any needs which are not eligible for funded support.

Carers who are eligible under the Care Act should also receive a support plan when their physical or mental health is deteriorating, is at risk of deteriorating or when the person is unable to achieve the outcomes likely to impact on their wellbeing as a result of their needs.

The Care Act 2014 gives more emphasis on the needs of carers unlike the previous law which required that carers must provide regular and substantial amount of care to be eligible for a carers assessment. This law means that more carers will be able to have a carers assessment.


I’m a carer for someone under 16. Will I still be able to have an individual assessment?   Back to top

The Care Act relates mostly to adult carers, people over 18, who are caring for another adult. This is because young carers and adults who care for disabled children can be assessed and supported under children’s law.

However, the act means that whole family circumstances will be looked at when assessing the needs of an adult for care. This means, for example, making sure that the position of a young carer will not be overlooked. The Children and Families Act gives young carers similar rights to an assessment as other carers under the Care Act.

An adult caring for a disabled child can get support through children’s services.


How do I get a carer's assessment?   Back to top

There are 2 main routes in Staffordshire to getting a carer’s assessment.

  • You can contact Staffordshire Cares who will direct you to the most appropriate service.
  • The Carers Hub also supports carers in Staffordshire. It is a single point of contact for carers of all ages, regardless of the type and amount of caring they do.

Carers whose assessment identifies that they have eligible needs, will have a support plan setting out how these needs will be met.

If the person you are looking after receives, or may need support from social care, then you can ask to have a joint assessment of your needs.

The Carers Hub has two office bases, one in the north and one in the south of the county. Staffordshire carers may call in at either, or contact the service by telephone or email.


Will I be eligible for support?   Back to top

The Care Act introduced the national eligibility threshold for carers where they can be eligible for support in their own right. In considering whether a carer has eligible needs, local authorities must consider whether:

  • The needs arise as a consequence of providing necessary care for an adult.
  • The effect of the carer’s needs is that any of the circumstances specified in the eligibility regulations apply to the carer.
  • As a consequence of that fact there is, or there is likely to be, a significant impact on the Carer’s wellbeing.

A carer’s needs are only eligible for support where they meet all three of these conditions. However, carers do not need to meet this eligibility criteria to access the Carers Hub. They may call for advice at any time.


Will I have to pay?   Back to top

It is our duty to carry out an assessment of your needs at your request free of charge. As part of this assessment we will assess your eligibility for support. For more information please see the care and support plans page.


Still not sure what you need?   Back to top

If you would rather talk to someone about this please either:

  • Contact the Carers Hub on 0330 123 1937 (calls charged at local rate).
  • Contact our Staffordshire Cares team.

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